Day Five

I “completed” day five of my drawing challenge yesterday. I put that in quotes because there is definitely more work to be done on it, but I’m satisfied with it for now. For this drawing I did something different — I documented my process. Below is a slideshow showing my drawing take shape.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The task was to draw my best friend. So I drew Ryan–yeah, we’re cute. We also have a guest appearance of baby Gabe. This is from a picture taken in August in Austin. I sure made this task harder than I had too by choosing this particular picture. For one, Ryan’s mouth is open, and I just find teeth to be hard. It’s hard to make them look realistic, and not goofy. Also, I had to draw a baby, which I have never even attempted to do before. Not only a baby, but also baby hands. You can see I gave up on that. You can only see his cute little thumbs.

So there ya go.

I almost didn’t even draw yesterday, but was inspired by a facebook message from Beth, who told me she was following my drawing challenge and had embarked on a one herself. Thanks for sharing that Beth! It helped me.

So did you like the slideshow? Want me to do something like that again?


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