Books books

Last night I drew my favorite book, which was my task for Day Six of my Drawing Challenge. I didn’t feel too inspired by this assignment, so here is the result.

That Hideous Strength is the third book in C.S. Lewis’ amazing space trilogy. Amazing. I need to read them all again. Remind me.
The big blank space on the cover does have artwork in it, but I never really understood the cover of this book, so I didn’t want to draw it. Artistic license.

My day six assignment was very appropriate for yesterday, because yesterday Ryan and I also put up our new bookshelf. I didn’t mention that when we went to Ikea, we also bought a snazzy new bookshelf. The bookshelf we were using before was one Ryan has had since middle school. We figured it was time. Ryan put together the new one, here is evidence.

hunky husband

Hunky husband with Ellie, the puppy we are dog sitting.

Then, I had the task of putting everything on the bookshelf. I decided to add some organization to our library, unlike before. Not in alphabetical order or anything, just in categories such as classics novels, health, Christian/Bible, gardening, adventures, education, art, art education etc. In doing so, I realized C.S. Lewis is the most represented author in our library. Almost 1/2 of a shelf is devoted to him. I also realized how many books we had that I didn’t know we had before, books Ryan brought to the marriage. So that makes me excited to get reading.
Here is our new “library” (I’m not finished getting it all organized, btw)

Hm, curtains would be nice too . . .
If you are familiar with our home, you might notice a chair you don’t recognize–the chair on the left. Akon, Ellie, and I came across it on a walk the other day, abandoned on the side of the road. So we vaccumed, lysoled, and febreezed it, and it now has a new home in the spot where our Christmas tree once occupied. You see Scobi has claimed it as a new favorite spot (he is the black blob).

Oh yeah, and happy New Years’ Eve!


2 thoughts on “Books books

  1. Man, I am just loving your posts with your pictures! … and that hunky husband of yours is my son-in-law!! What a dear fella he is!!

    You’ve got me smiling (again).

    Oh, and you’re making me want to read some more C.S. Lewis.

    (That book you gave me for Christmas is WONDERFUL!!!! I feel as if I’m growing in the Lord….. thank you so very much.)

    (And my favorite cartoon on my blog-post today is that last one, too!!)

  2. Bookshelf looks good! We need a new one too, ours isn’t in the best shape and we keep making it worse by piling on more books…

    I hope your new chair doesn’t have bedbugs! Be careful… They get in any kind of furniture with cushion and sometimes that’s why people throw it away… Bedbugs are awful!

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