Yesterday, armed with a book and an instructional youtube video, I learned how to cross stitch.

Like its name suggests, you merely make a lot of little stitches that make the form of a x to make some sort of image or word or whatever it is you are wanting to embroider, usually using a pattern. I’m not done with my first project yet, but you can see my progress above.

I’m sharing this with you, because I’m not sharing my Day Seven drawing, like I promised. I’m just not feeling inspired by my drawing challenge prompts. Starting the challenge has already motivated me to start a couple other drawing endeavors, so I think it has served its purpose for now. I am publicly releasing myself from my commitment. Please don’t think less of me — see, I learned how to cross stitch! I can do things. (I’ll share with you my other drawing endeavors as they take shape.)

And then there’s this, which is beautiful. (You should make it full screen)

Bon Iver – ‘Holocene’ Unofficial Music Video from Dylan Wiehahn on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “Endeavors

  1. My drawing challenge has taken a detour as well. I did myself, then drew my dogs face, but it ended up looking very much like a baboon, haha. So then I tried a bird, and it was okay, but i kept wanting to draw another human face, and then another one. The ears are giving me fits, but I finally decided that if I want to draw people faces and work on developing that skill, then hooray for drawing challenge number one which inspired me.

  2. Wow. That is indeed a very gorgeous video. I now want to be outside … preferably in snow.

    And isn’t cross stitching great!? We about to take another trip, but once we return I plan on getting back to the project I have going. Been working on it FOREVER.

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