In-between Time

Right now, I’m at Jupiter House working on my art education portfolio. Yesterday and today I read a couple of articles given to me by the wonderful UNT Art Education department about job seeking, putting together a portfolio, writing a teaching philosophy, and interviewing. I have had the articles in my possession for awhile, but had put off reading them and putting together my portfolio because of my own insecurities. I was afraid they would make me feel overwhelmed by the task before me — finding a teaching job. I am delighted that quite the opposite has happened. I feel a lot better now, having read the articles. I feel like — Hey, I can do this. Like that. Even reading the sample interview questions, I feel like have solid answers for a lot of them. I still have a lot of preparation to do, but I can do it. You know?

So that’s encouraging. After I finish my hard-copy portfolio I’ll work on updating my digital portfolio and share that with you.

I’m really thankful for this time I have. I’m actually pretty glad now that I graduated in December and am giving myself some extra months to (a) job seek and (b) relax, decompress, create. I’m excited about the future and trying to cherish the present. I love being able to go to a coffee shop at two o’clock in the afternoon just to read. I love being able to draw things for my friends. I love being able to cross stitch, and knit, and watch TV shows and blog and do yoga and go to the dog park with Akon. I also realize that I am very blessed that I have a husband with a good job that can provide for the both of us in this in-between season. That is definitely a luxury.

So, I’m loving this time, but am also excited for some more of this:


3 thoughts on “In-between Time

  1. oh my goodness this is such a cute photo with your class! glad you are feeling better about putting your portfolio together! miss you!

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