An Adventure

I have some potentially yummy banana oat bars in the oven right now. I am excited about their potential. The recipe I found on this blog (a fellow Village person) is super-de-duper easy. My plan is — if we like this first batch — to make a whole bunch more to take on our upcoming road trip.

That’s right, we are heading back to New Mexico to go skiing. Our ski trip last year pretty much changed the course of our life. Okay, I am probably exaggerating, but it definitely changed the course of that semester. Ryan broke his leg — into nine pieces. Now he is a bionic man and has some lovely scars. And this week we are going back to conquer the mountain that conquered Ryan last year.

We are really excited actually, and not scared. I mean, what are the chances of something like that happening two years in a row, right? This year will also be different in that we are bringing some family along: Ryan’s brother and sister and our dog Akon. All five of us will pile into our Subaru and embark upon a snowy, fun filled adventure very soon.

So I’m excited about my banana oat bars. Hoorah to easy, homemade, healthy snacking! And to adventures — of the snowy and the baking variety.


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