Back from NM

Yes, we made it back from Angelfire in once piece!

Such a fun trip. Aside from the fact that we had no hot water all weekend. So, aside from the cold showers (which, for me, was more of a sponge bath), the trip was fabulous — skiing, snowshoeing, Settlers of Catan, Pente, movies, pizza, chili, brownies, beer, hot tea, and cold sponge baths. That about sums it up.

On the way home I achieved something great. I finished reading The Brothers Karamazov. And I actually enjoyed it! I feel so cultured. Here is the little review I posted onto GoodReads, which is yet another social-networky-type-site. The purpose of this one is to keep track of what you are reading, what you want to read, what you have read, and what your friends are reading. That last part only works if I have friends, so go ahead and join if you enjoy documenting what you read and look me up.. I enjoy documenting everything.

The Brothers KaramazovThe Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“‘But in some cases it is really more credible to be carried away by an emotion, however unreasonable, which springs from a great love, than to be unmoved. And this is even truer in youth, for a young man who is always sensible is to be suspected and is of little worth-that’s my opinion!'”

When I started this I wasn’t sure that I would be able to finish it. It’s a book we’ve had on our bookshelf for awhile that has barely been opened. Well, I did finish it and felt very fulfilled after doing so. The characters are all slightly crazy, but I was sympathetic with them all. I think I most enjoyed the little biography of Father Zossima in Book Six. That’s where I have the most underlining . .

“Remember particularly that you cannot be a judge of any one. For no one can judge a criminal, until he recognizes that he is just such a criminal as the man standing before him, and that he perhaps is more than all men to blame for that crime. When he understands that, he will be able to judge.”

“It’s the great mystery of human life that old grief passes gradually into quiet tender joy.”

“Love a man even in his sin, for that is the semblance of Divine Love and is the highest love on earth.”

I should read this book again someday. I’m sure there are layers of meaning that I didn’t catch the first time.

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4 thoughts on “Back from NM

  1. Glad you guys all came back unbroken! How was it with Akon the whole time? I thought about you guys from time to time, wondering how he was handling things… bringing Olive would have been super stressful! But then again, Akon behaves MUCH better than Olive.

  2. I’m impressed you read that… It makes me want to read it now : ) Maybe someday soon.

    Akon was amazing the entire time, Bailey. He was great in the car, had probably the best time of his life when we went snowshoeing. He was a bit sad when we left him to go skiing, because up until then he had gone everywhere with us. But he was fine we checked on him at lunch time. I tried to take him out for tennis ball and snowball fetching a lot… we were really thankful he was with us.

  3. Well, from what Ryan said – and the pictures I saw on FB – it was a good thing to have Akon along! I don’t think I would have even thought about taking Shiloh-pup! But then, he’s no Akon!

    And that book, I’m impressed you read it, Laura. Oh yes.

    And I’m SO GLAD (duh) that you all came back with no broken bones!!!!! Whew!!!
    (I so enjoyed your pictures on FB.)

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