Grayson with his Papa

I’ve been wanting to share this project with you for awhile.

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It’s an 8×10 drawing of my good friends’ baby boy with his papa (granddad). They asked me to draw it for Papa’s birthday. Papa himself is an artist, so I was a little nervous about it, but also very honored to be ask. It’s the first time someone has asked me to create an artwork for them, aside from a professor/instructor. So there it is. Ever since that one time, I’ve really enjoyed documenting my process. Like I’ve mentioned before, I just like documenting things in general — I’ve kept a journal for as long as I can remember — so it makes sense.

I’ve found recently that I enjoy drawing people. It’s challenging, but rewarding. Getting porportions right when drawing people is so important. I worked Papa’s nose over and over again until I was finally satisfied with it’s size and slant and all that. Not so with things like the wrinkles in their shirts. It’s no big to misplace a wrinkle, but misplace an eye and things end up looking kind of funny. But then again, maybe that’s what you’re after.

The Overture

Such as Joe Sorren, who makes proportions kinda wonky on purpose. Ryan likes him a lot.


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