A Story

One of my favorite assignments during my graduate career in the Art Education program at UNT came in my first semester there, when I was taking an Art Writing class (or I maybe it was call Writing about Art — I was never certain of the actual name for any of my classes).  It was a pretty simple assignment.  We went to the Sid Richardson in Fort Worth and had to choose a painting to write a short story about.  The Sid Richardson has all “western” paintings — cowboys and Indians and the like.  The painting we chose would be a scene in our short story, and we would write a story around it.  The story could be from the point of view of anything or anyone in the painting — a person, a horse, a shrub etc. This is the painting I chose.

Plunder on the Horizon, Charles Russell, 1893

My story was from the point of view of the Native American in the back, I named him Fire Eyes. The old Native American in front of him was Rippling Water, then Red Wolf, and then White Thunder in the front. Their names all went along with their personalities. I liked this assignment because it was a very fun and refreshing way to engage with an artwork. I was more used to just researching about art history — facts about the artist, the time period, what expert art historians have to say about it. This assignment had you using your own imagination and creating something new yourself, inspired by the artwork. Much more fulfilling than writing a research paper, though those can be fun too in their own way. It was also really fun to hear everyone else’s stories. This is something I want to remember, to potentially do again with a class someday.

Anywho, I came across my short story while getting things together for my teaching portfolio. Yep, still working on that. I’ve been making progress today while sipping on a soy latte at Jupiter House. I’ll get back to that now.


2 thoughts on “A Story

  1. You wrote a good story. I was kinda hoping you’d post it. I’d like to read it again. Your assignment influenced me to use visual art to inspire stories when I can’t think of a character or something to write about. It works well.

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