More On Essential Oils

I wanted to share a new drawing with you but my computer has decided to die. Not run-out-of-batteries-die but hard-drive-failed-die. Yeah, bummer. Hopefully I can get all my schtuff off of it.

So you’ll have to wait for the drawing. I’m here today because I wanted to share just a little more with you about buying quality essential oils.

A few weeks back I went to a talk on essential oils and I was very interested to learn how you can tell if an essential oil is pure or not. Labels boasting %100 pure or whatever doesn’t really mean squat. And in order to reap the medicinal and therapeutic benefits, the oils need to be pure. Here are some tips that I found helpful.

  • Pure oils will not be packaged in plastic, nor will their bottles be clear. Pure essential oils eat away plastic overtime. Also, direct sunlight will change essential oils ( much like how human blood changes with sunlight). So you know eos that are in plastic and/or clear bottles are not pure.
  • Pure eos are totally safe and even beneficial to consume. If you see a label that says something like,”For external use only,” or, “Not for internal use,” you know that there is some sort of chemical filler. Not pure.
  • Hate to say it but price is also an indicator. You get what you pay for.

Those are the some tips I have found most helpful. Like I’ve said before, I trust Young Living, mainly because people I trust trust them as well.



5 thoughts on “More On Essential Oils

  1. I totally agree; oils are essential for healthier looking skin. Peppermint is one of my favorite ones to put on me. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Coinkidink!!! I performed for the Mid-Cities Christian Women’s Club today and they had a major emphasis on ESSENTIAL OILS!!!!!! I told the speaker that my daughter and her in-laws were INTO THEM…. and she was impressed…. and of course, that makes me want to GET INTO THEM.!!!!!!

    (I just talked to you a few seconds ago (as you know)… and that was GREAT!!!!…. I love you’re being my daughter!!!!…. and me being your mother!!!!!!!)
    Life is GOOD!!!!!

  3. Great to see that you are highlighting important aspects of purchasing PURE essential oils, however I wanted to highlight that if the packaging says “Not for internal use”, this does not always mean it is not pure.

    I say this because in some countries (ie. Australia where I’m from, I’m not sure about the US), it is a legal requirement to include a warning for them not to be taken internally.

    The other two points are exactly right. Especially the price factor! Pure essential oils are just that, pure. Many cheaper versions are diluted with cheaper fillers including alcohol and other low grade oils.

    So now that you know about pure essential oils… enjoy them!! 😀

  4. Amy, why would they be required to say “not for internal use”? It has been my understanding that essential oils that are truly pure are safe to be taken internally.

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