Dallas Adventures

The last couple of days Ryan and I have had some fun adventures down in big D ( we live in little d = Denton).

Yesterday evening, we had a fabulous Valentine’s Day dinner at Bolsa. In the words of Bolsa’s website: “Fresh, local ingredients. A daily changing menu. The best cocktails in the city.”

Word. So good. I’d describe it as laid back fine dining. It’s located in Oak Cliff, near the Bishop Arts District, a very cool and growing part of Dallas.

This morning Ryan and I returned to Dallas for an interview Ryan had at a graduate school. It went really well, by the way. Afterward we returned to the Bishop Arts District to walk around and find lunch. We also found some awesome knit/crochet graffiti. And there is Ryan looking all snazzy and handsome.



They call it yarn bombing. So cool!

If Ryan gets into said graduate school, we plan on moving to big D and hopefully finding a nice place to plant around this particular area. And by plant I mean live and grow.


6 thoughts on “Dallas Adventures

  1. Yay Ryan! Where did he have his interview? That’s really exciting, and you guys will be a little closer to me if you move to Dallas!

  2. Great pictures!….. and did you know your great grandparents (Grandmother’s parents – well, and Grandmother) lived in Oak Cliff?

    I had never heard of ‘yarn bombing’…. that proves you’re (I’m) never too told to learn stuff.

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