One reason I love kindergarteners . . .


Tuesday I subbed for an elementary art teacher. I was really excited to be in an elementary art classroom again. I was glad the sub plans involved more than just watching an art video; I got to actually teach a little and we got to actually make art. For I instance, Kinder and First looked at this painting by Wassily Kandinsky.


It’s called Houses in Munich. First I just asked them what they saw — “houses,” “buildings”, “people having a picnic,” “trees,” ” grass,” “a road,” “a car” etc. Next we talked about what basic shapes make up houses and buildings — squares, rectangles, triangles, and any shaped could be a window. Then they drew neighborhoods themselves, and I encouraged them to use lots of fun colors like Kandinsky, and to add people, sky, trees, whatever.

I loved this little girls’ super colorful houses. And then she gave it to me, so sweet.


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