Some things that happened recently.

This is old news to some of you, but still a big deal to me…

I chopped it off! I mailed that ponytail to Locks of Love. Reduce reuse recycle!

I also took a lovely trip to New Orleans since we last spoke. Saw the sights and caught up with some dear friends. I also learned my iPhone does not take good pictures at night time. So all of my pictures from the wedding are pretty poor, but here I am with some of those dear friends.

Wow, I was pretty tall that night. See what I mean about poor quality? Of the picture I mean, the people in it are wonderful though. The wedding was in a really interesting and awesome old mansion. Here is the bride and groom in their after-wedding attire. (I did not take this picture, it’s a sneak peak of the pictures taken by their wedding photographer, Kate Leverenz.)

And of course the one dearest to my heart, who drove us the whole way there and back (because I’m not too keen on driving standard).


So things have been pretty good since we last spoke. Except for the time when a first grader asked me if I was a boy or girl. At the time I was still deciding if I liked my haircut or not, and so I kind of took it to heart. I’m over it now though. I think.



4 thoughts on “Some things that happened recently.

  1. Your haircut looks so good! 1st grade logic (of this kid, at least): “Boys have short hair. Girls have long hair. This is a pretty girl…but she has short hair. What’s happening?!”

    I was just looking at your old self-portrait. So beautiful. I’d love to see a new one with your new pixie cut!

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