Stitched and Drawn

Second cross stitch project completed.

Now Scobi will always be remembered. Immortalized on top of our belts.

Sweet guy. And then I’ve also been playing around with colored pencils — Prisma Colors, no less.

That’s me, sitting on my porch, reading a good book. My foot is awkwardly cut off, I know, but that is where the picture ended. I guess I should use my imagination and creativity to complete the foot, but whatevs.

Sharing things that I make/draw on this blog is really a great motivator for me to produce more. I didn’t used to do this, this blog used to just be my thoughts and experiences, not really things that I created. This can also become dangerous — I can become too dependent on your approval. Hm.


4 thoughts on “Stitched and Drawn

  1. I love seeing your drawings and cross-stitch and I’m glad you share that with us. I also like when you share your thoughts. The words you share are every bit as artistic, creative, and self-expressive. Whatever you feel like sharing puts a smile on my face.

  2. I must admit that I am quite jealous of your artistic abilities… I’ve always wanted to be able to draw something that even slightly resembles what I intended it to, but it never turns out that way. I know that I can write well and that’s “artistic,” but it’s just not the same as being able to create something visually appealing like you do.

    I wonder if I took drawing classes someday if that would help…? A teacher friend I have said that she had no drawing talent at all until she took a class and now she can draw pretty well. Hmm. I’ll have to consider that.

    I have, however, started to play Draw Something on my phone and can’t help enjoying myself, even though my drawings are awful! You should play if you haven’t!

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