At the Lake

I just can’t stop being outside today.  


Ryan and I tried out our new Texas State Park Pass today and went to Lake Ray Roberts. Went walking/running on a trail, felt the water, took some pictures. The water is still pretty cold, but Akon found it refreshing. Though he was a little uncertain about the slippery rocks

And of course as soon as I came home I had to upload all the pictures to facebook and blog about it (sitting on my porch swing, because I want to stay outside, like I said). It’s like our adventure is more legitimate whenever I share it with others. What if we had taken no pictures? What if I never mentioned it? I’m afraid it would just fade away.

Which is silly, but I’m sure you can relate.

Like I mentioned last Monday, I’m just trying to soak up this beautiful weather while it’s here.


3 thoughts on “At the Lake

  1. Akon looks so skinny and unsure in the last picture.. haha. Poor guy. Thanks for encouraging me to take pictures. And thanks for taking pictures too.

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