A Good Show

Ryan and I went to a concert last Sunday with his brother and sister.

Ryan with his bro and sis, playing Settlers of Catan on our New Mexico ski trip in January.

We met a couple of other friends there too.

It was an Eisley show at the Granada Theater in Dallas.

They are a family act — three sisters, a brother, and a cousin — from Tyler, Texas. They have been playing together as a band since they were like twelve. Now they are in their mid-late twenties.

I used to be just casually interested in them, but now I definitely consider myself a fan.

Not only are they awesome musicians that do really well together, I also think we should be friends. They seem like neat people.

And if I didn’t have to look like a teacher, I would totally dye my hair pink now.

Here is a video I like of them, playing acoustic versions of two of their newer songs.

If you are the type that perfers official music videos, here is the full band version of another song.

So there’s that.


One thought on “A Good Show

  1. Wow. I can so see how you could be good friends with those people in that band. You seem just like them. Beautiful, cool, authentic, artsy, refreshing, etc., etc.

    Oh yes.

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