A Few Things

It’s been a week since my last post so I figured it was pretty much time for a new one. I have not embarked on any new drawings, though I am knitting an afghan. I haven’t knitted anything in a few months so I’m excited about it, though I know it will take patience.

Ryan and I also had an adventure this week. We went camping for the first time since our honeymoon. Almost two years! Much too long.

It was pretty relaxing, and a lot of fun. And it was Akon’s first camping trip.

He had the time of his life, but seemed to be pretty nervous at night. He paced around our tent a lot of the night. So many strange sounds!

We better not wait two years until our next camping trip. Hopefully we can do another one this season.

My new header image is also from our time camping. My husband is good at the macro pictures.

I was going to devote this post to how much I love my running shoes.

But I’ll save that material for later.

(But really, they are just so light, so flexible, so minimal, fit like gloves . . . later!)

For now, I think my breakfast has digested enough that I can go for a run at the park.

Happy Saturday.


5 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. Fun times! Did you get to use the camera stand thing I got for Ryan? Looks like it in that picture of you two!

    We’ve talked about going camping and asking to borrow Akon… Olive is definitely not ready for camping but having Akon would make me feel somewhat safer since I’ve never camped before.

  2. Yah, Bailey! You guys should come with us sometime soon..maybe a friday night sometime soon.

    I think those merrill shoes are my favorite shoes ever.

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