Yes, Instagram is addicting.

Yes, it makes my everyday life seem way cooler.

And yes, I am re-reading the last two books of the Hunger Games trilogy. After watching the movie from the first book, I realized I almost totally forgot what happened after. The red book under my coffee is Catching Fire. The red read book, haha.

I was reading and sipping coffee while watching my chickadees free-ranging.

And yes, this post is a little pointless.

That’s the middle school track behind my house. I walk by it with Akon at least once a day.



3 thoughts on “Insta-life

  1. I like your latest two posts!! I saw your old war ad about raising chickens. Are you raising them primarily or only for eggs (well, and cuteness, of course)? I’m really glad they get to be free range and not hunkered down in, say, an LL Sams bathtub. (Those were ducks, but the thought’s the same.)

    I also like your Akon charcoal!! And I thought of you and Baylor friends when I went camping on Thursday night as an end-of-the semester hoorah. Unfortunately, it fell in the middle of exams, so Kyle and I couldn’t stay the night, but I did reminisce our senior camping trip at Guadalupe State Park (is that right?). I also just watched a Portlandia sketch called “Get the Gear.” You would enjoy it. šŸ™‚

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