A Patriotic Duty

So I’ve been all about chicks lately. Blogging about chicks, intstagramming chicks, posting pictures on facebook of my instagrammed chicks.

Well, yesterday they made me cry.

Ryan was working, and so I carried their cage to the yard by myself to let them out for some free-ranging time, as is our routine (they sleep in the bathroom–to be protected from predators–until they are big enough to stay in their coop).

Well, after awhile I decided to go on with my day and so I started gathering them up. This involves chasing them around and picking them up to put in their cage, one by one. They don’t like this very much. It used to be a snap, but they have gotten very fast as they have gotten older. Particularly Queenie.

Long story short, it took me almost an hour to gather them all up. And when I get really frustrated, the tears flow. I kept texting Ryan to vent. You can see my increasing frustration.

He eventually called. His poor wife, being harassed by a gang of chicks.

Then I made a trap (I’ve been reading the Hunger Games, you know). You see, the chicks have this instinct to be together. So no matter how far she ran away from me, she would always come back to her sisters. I used that to my advantage

And finally snagged her.

Phew, we both got quite a work out.

And then I found this floating around Pinterest.


2 thoughts on “A Patriotic Duty

  1. I was reading along, wondering how this post about the chicks could be patriotic. I knew it would be because your posts always go along with their title. …. and then I saw it!!!

    And I felt patriotic, having a daughter such as you!!

    (You got that crying when you’re frustrated from me.)

    (I love this blog.)

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