Color Play

I do enjoy drawing people and things and animals.  Looking at something and translating in onto paper.  Yesterday though, I was itchin to create and didn’t feel like drawing what I saw.  I just felt like playing.  So, inspired by an art-lesson that I came across on Pinterest, I played with my oil pastels.  I played with color.

The lesson is inspired by Mark Rothko and his color field paintings, such as ..

I wanted to get out of my rut, so I got out of my sketchbook and into my recycling bin. I found a little piece of cardboard ..

Turned it over, and created some fields of color of my own using oil pastels.

It was so very refreshing and fun. I want to do this more.

To play with color.

To not have it need to look like anything.

It also helped that Ryan was watching a Sigur Ros DVD in the other room.

You gotta have balance in your life, you know? Realism and non-representational. Oh, and speaking of — this wouldn’t really be called “abstract” art. People misuse that term a lot. To abstract something means to break it down to its basic parts (like an abstract to an article). There still is a subject to the abstract artwork, though oftentimes it is so abstracted that is it unrecognizable. My little piece would be more accurately called “non-representational.” There is no subject. I didn’t abstract anything. I just colored color. If I was trying to represent a sunset or something, then I would call it abstract.

It can be confusing, I know. But that was just a little something for ya. You can throw it out at parties.


6 thoughts on “Color Play

  1. Oh my, Laura – I like your color play very, very much. I especially like the bottom half. The photo you took of the orange and yellow with the blue background – well, it may not be a representation of any particular thing or subject , but it represents a lot to me – I see Texas wildflowers in the spring reflected in a still pond. I see breathing space for my soul. I see peace and joy encapsulated in one moment. Thanks for taking time to teach about art here too. I’ve learned so much about art from reading your blog. Ummm mmmmm…

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