Just get it done.

I did another Rothko-esque, oil-pastel-on-recycled-cardboard color-play last night/this morning (sorry if that sentence was very confusing). I didn’t like it as much as my last one, at first. I think I was just putting more pressure on myself because the first one had such a good response on my blog. But then I remembered this Andy Warhol quote . .

Source: Uploaded by user via Laura on Pinterest

 And so I decided I needed to stop stressin’. So here she is.

And here is where I am currently. At my new nieghbor’s house (yes, bumming off of her internet) with one of her Sphinx cats. This is Elliot. And yes, he is wearing a shirt.

She has three Sphinx cats. They are all super sweet.


2 thoughts on “Just get it done.

  1. Somehow that cat doesn’t look super sweet. (No offense to anyone.)

    And I LOVE that Warhol quote!

    And I love your Rothko-esque art!!!!!!!!!!!

    And your blog.
    And you.

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