It’s about time I say something on this little blog o’ mine. It’s been a little while, and a whole lotta things have been going on. Like being offered an art teaching position (which I accepted). Like buying a house. Like moving into said house. Plus not having internet until last week. All of that equals a whole lotta not-blogging.

Things we have been up too…

Turning our living room from this …

… into this.

Our chickens have settled in nicely in our backyard.

And before all of that happened, my new/old neighbor* and I transformed this wonderful piece of furniture.

Never would I have embarked on such a project without her encouragement/know-how. It looks nice now though, dontcha think? (Still have to attach that cabinet door and some handles)

Unpacking/nesting is a never-ending task so I should probably get back on that.

[*She is both new and old because she moved next door to us in Denton right before we moved away. Lame.]


5 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. love it!! did y’all get a new couch? the house looks grrrrrrreat! (in a tony the tiger voice).

    see you in a couple of days!

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