The art I have been working on most recently is our new house. (These pictures aren’t the best quality – taken on my iPhone)

Painting this piece of furniture yellow made me want to paint our living room gray. And someday we will figure out how to attach that cabinet door . . .

Our bedroom is green and woodsy. You can see some laundry I still need to put away peeking in on the bottom right . . .

The beginning of our gallery wall. We want to fill it up with interesting things.

Since our living room is a somber gray, I wanted the kitchen to be more bright. (I am currently sitting in that chair in front of that black MacBook)

Our office/study is the latest room to come together. It’s also Scobi’s room (see if you can find his litter box and his food bowl). I’m now obsessed with this eggplant color.

And this is our lovely guestroom. It comes with an escape route.

Queenie likes the new house (as do her five sisters). We were hanging out this morning on our deck with our coffee. Still no eggs, but they should be coming soon. It’s about time these ladies start earning their keep.

So there’s that. What do you think?


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