I’m diggin’ this weather. And this 3-day weekend. It feels like a holiday, sitting here in a comfy sweater and sippin’ a pumpkin spice latte [whoa that kinda rhymed]. Ryan and I just went grocery shopping, and I bought a little bar of Frankinsence and Myrrh soap in honor of the cold weather. Smells so nice.


No I’m not going to eat it. Or kiss it. I’m inhaling it’s wonderful scent. And I can’t wait to wash my face with it.

I dropped the hint that maybe we should listen to Christmas music, while Ryan is studying and I do whatever it is I do . . . but was shot down. Understandably. I am a Christmas music junkie once that time of year rolls around. But I won’t open that Pandora’s box just yet.

And in the above picture you can see the lovely new curtains we put up in our kitchen, purchased from the lovely World Market. You can tell I’m in a good mood because of all the loveliness.


I have more art teacher work I could do, but I might just put it off until tomorrow and rest into this day. Maybe rest into this book.

A Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin

I read it my freshman year in college, and about the only thing I remember about it is that I loved it. So I’m reminding myself why by reading it again.

I am in this good mood in spite of some sadness. Our cat Scobi has disapeared. I haven’t seen him since Friday morning. This is very much not like him. So I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst. The worst being that he will never come back at all. But let’s not dwell on that. I don’t want to puncture my good mood too terribly much. Might be too late for that now though.


3 thoughts on “Loveliness

  1. Check out those cool curtains.. And I like how you said a mood could be “punctured”. I miss our Scobi. Still hoping he shows up soon.

  2. You are so good with words.
    I read this aloud to your dear dad, and showed him the pictures. He smiled big time.

    We particularly like your smelling that soap.

    But we’re (me more than your dad, I think) are sad about Scobi.
    In spite of that, you made us smile with this sweet blog post. :):):)

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