Sketches and Doodles

As a teacher, I have a requirement to get a certain number of professional development hours. To that end, all us art teachers got a blank “sketchbook” at the beginning of the year and have been tasked to fill it up by March, when our professional development hours are due.

The Visual Arts Director of my district sees our personal artistic development as an integral part of our professional development as art educators. Do I work for a great district, or what?

At first drawing in it just felt like another chore, but now that I have broken it in some, it has become fun and relaxing. I also have been really inspired by this book.

An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers

Such a cool book. I first encountered this book when I was student teaching, and have since purchased my own copy. It has inspired me as I try to fill up this sketchbook.

What also inspires me is posting stuff on my blog. For better or worse, I crave an audience. It motivates me. So here are some of the things in the pages of my little sketchbook so far . . .

doodling with oil pastel

oil pastel apple

our chickens in prismacolor

encouraging myself

Doodled while watching an episode of Doctor Who. Prismacolor colored pencils.

Most recent and most favorite so far. Also doodled while watching TV–the new Sherlock Holmes on BBC–so good!

My knitting time has taken a hit, now that I’ve discovered that its fun to doodle while watching TV. TV time used to be my knitting time. Oh well.

These are mostly weekend endeavors (like my blogging). I’ll share more as I fill it up.


3 thoughts on “Sketches and Doodles

  1. I love these!

    I looked at them just now while listening to SoundScapes….spa type music that I like.
    You got me ‘in the zone’….. and wanting to doodle more on my own.

    Your creativity continues to inspire me.


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