It’s beginning to look at lot like . . .

Yep, Christmas. You guessed it. The Maxwell house is getting ready for Christmas.

We got home from our fabuloso Thanksgiving feast at my parents’ house . . .

(picture stolen from my Mom’s blog)

. . . and I almost immediately went to the garage to get our Christmas box. I didn’t want to sit down and loose my momentum. And yes, it is just a box. So all in all, it probably took only about on hour or less for me to put all our decorations up. But I still very much enjoyed that hour. So here is a little tour . . .

We don’t have a fireplace and so our stockings are adorning our kitchen bar this year. I still haven’t gotten around to purchasing stools for this bar, so it works out.

A special, simple nativity scene

These noble reindeer were a house warming gift from Ryan’s grandparents.

Some more special gifts. The “Maxwell” wreath was made for us by my cousin, Elizabeth. And those beautiful white boxes were a birthday gift from my grandmother. They reminded me of snowy, precious Christmas gifts.

All together now

Olive, posing with some Christmas trees.

Two nutcrackers flank our TV. This one is my favorite. Probably one of my best thrift store finds.

The crazy-king-one. This one is Ryan’s favorite.

A happy snowman to greet you in the guest bathroom.

Farmer Santa hanging out on our dresser.

Some Christmas cheer in our study (you can always get creative with Santa hats).

Santa just chillaxing. After a hard day of farming maybe . . .

And that about does it. Of course we still need a tree. We haven’t gotten one of those yet (we prefer the live variety, though I have nothing against fake ones).

Once we get our tree, I’m sure you’ll hear about it.


3 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look at lot like . . .

  1. Love the pictures!
    Putting the Santa hat on the globe is genius.
    And I like that runner thing on your big yellow furniture piece.
    And all those other things.

    I couldn’t figure out my ‘first place prize’.

    I got Christmas up yesterday, too. Being married 34 1/2 years meant it took me a long time – but I was determined! (And could not have done it if you hadn’t brought down the decorations from the attic. THANK YOU!)

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