Christmas Craft with Corks.

Gotta love alliterating! So invigorating.

So I actually did one of my pins today–a non art education pin. A just a for fun pin. I made a little Christmas tree out of old wine corks. Super simple. All you do is hot glue the corks together in a Christmas tree formation, and then embellish. I cut a cork in half for the trunk.

After I worked on one side, I wasn’t really satisfied with it.

So I made it reversible and glued a bunch of buttons on the other side.

In high school I bought a big jar of buttons at a garage sale. That jar is still going strong! Those buttons are from said jar.

After making the button side, I decided I did like the original side after all. So here she resides now.

Some Quirky Christmas Corks.

Whoa! And it’s exactly one month until Christmas!


One thought on “Christmas Craft with Corks.

  1. You are so clever!!!!!
    And creative!!!!


    (I just thought of that when I was trying to come up with something else to say. …. Sometimes I’m (almost) speechless… then you inspire me!!!)

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