Lovely and Interesting Things

Oh my goodness it has been awhile. But here I now sit next to my husbee at The Pearl Cup. Sitting at coffee shops usually inspires me to post.

My first week back at school has been a little bit of a rollercoster. But we don’t need to get into that now. Instead, lets rewind to Christmas.

For Christmas this year Ryan and I decided to get each other art prints. We both enjoy discovering and collecting art. Originals are pretty pricey, but prints are affordable. Matted and framed they are very lovely. I picked this one out for Ryan.

It’s called Winter by artist/illustrator Sandra Dieckmann. It reminds me of a song by Sufjan Stevens (a musical artist beloved by Ryan and I) called “Sister Winter.”

Ryan got me a print of this painting.
This is called Lucy Waits for the Sun by Amanda Blake

The previous Christmas he bought me a print of Nigel and Lily Embracing at Sea, by the same artist.

An artwork’s title is often intriguing. Sometimes it makes an artwork even more enigmatic, but other times it helps you understand and like it better. Take this art print we have hanging in our entryway by one of Ryan’s favorite artists,Joe Sorren.

It’s called My Aim is True.

I feel like that title helps me understand and appreciate the artwork more.

I love covering our walls with lovely and interesting things. I also love using the word “enigmatic” successfully in a sentence.


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