Color and Climb

Prismacolor doodle

Prismacolor doodle

And I’m thinking of another tattoo, involving one of Andie’s beautiful feathers

I’ve been drawing it on my shoulder to try out different positions (which is hard). I want a spot where it’s easy to cover, but also I can enjoy it (like not on my back or somewhere I’d never see myself).

In other news, Ryan and I have joined a climbing gym.
It’s fun, though I’m pretty much always the worst one there. I get a smidgen better each time.

Speaking of, this looks pretty flippin’ awesome.



5 thoughts on “Color and Climb

  1. Whoa. Rock climbing! That’s one thing I’ve never done- and probably never will…. but it looks challenging!

    And I’ve never had a tattoo…. but I see more and more of them on folks – even older folks.

    I like the colors in that doodle. 🙂

    (Love your blog.)

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