Zoom Zip

I’m going to stop calling these things doodles.  That’s just me being shy.


They’re just art, ok?  Whether they are awesome and world-changing or not.

I need to take better pictures though. I’ve been using my phone camera.  Having uploading difficulties with my Canon.


I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but part of my inspiration for filling up these sketchbooks is this book.


In it, you peak into the private sketchbooks of various artists, illustrators, and random joes.

One artist (Rich Beerhorst) is quoted in the book as saying “Perhaps the best thing to do is draw often and everywhere. See it as an opportunity to live more deeply.” And Christin Castro Hughes says, “Once in a while I make a masterpiece, but usually, I just make a mess.”

I am also inspired by my students.
I feel like I’ve been working on this blog post for way to long. And it’s not much. Just publish already


6 thoughts on “Zoom Zip

  1. I like your art, Laura. It always inspires me to pull out my sketchpad and make a little of my own art, however humble it may be, and that feels good. Your art makes me feel good too – a lot better actually than looking at masterpieces, because your art tells me its worth trying- your art doesn’t intimidate, it invites. Most of the time your art puts a smile on my face and somehow lightens the load of the day. It’s like a drink of cool water or a little breathing space.

    I still wish you’d include a little teaching in your art blogs – like what you used to create the piece, and like that time you wrote about self portraits and the placement and shading of the eyes and nose, and so forth. I learned so much from that and want to know more, but like the simplicity of reading it with your easy to understand explanations and then trying it myself. Maybe you could do something like that during the summer months?

    • Thanks Beth! And I will consider that… For now I’m just trying to keep it simple, otherwise I probably won’t post at all. I spend most of my day teaching, so this blog is just for me.

      • Oh of course, Laura, and I think it’s pretty amazing you get anything posted at all. Teaching is exhausting work, even when you love it, and especially hard that first year. I only mentioned it as an idea to consider. My art education isn’t your responsibility, LOL! I could take some classes. I just happen to like the way you teach. xoxo

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