Me and Sandra

Just wrote a long post that vanished 😦 . So this one won’t be as awesome but here it is.

Sharing some drawings …




Ryan’s flip flops. With the ghost of his feet (band name — The Ghost of His Feet)

Both we’re done with Micron pen, which I’ve been using a lot lately. It’s a challenge. There is the no-erasing party ( I meant to say “part” but my iPad turned it into “party” which is way better), and also you can’t just smudge with your finger to create value (make a color darker or lighter). You have to do so with your mark-making–cross hatching and the like.

And also partly because of this girl, Sandra Diekmann.




She is my current fave.


3 thoughts on “Me and Sandra

  1. oooooo i like these pictures. i like that artist too. the cat one is my favorite of the three. it’s really funny. and i like my flipflops.

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