Well, it’s happened. I’ve done it. I finished my first year as an elementary art teacher. And I feel really good about it.


I feel good that it is summer, of course. All of this free time is beyond amazing. And I also feel good about the year. I’ve learned and grown so much.

I have felt so much gratitude these past few weeks, reflecting on things. I’m so amazed to be where I am and doing what I doing and ENJOYING what I’m doing. I really enjoy it. And I am so thankful for THAT.

I didn’t know, starting this year, if I would really like this whole teaching thing. Even a few months in, I wasn’t so sure. But now I do! Not that like going to work everyday–most days I would rather not. And not that there weren’t days I would go home in tears of frustration and exhaustion–that happened quite a few times (especially in the fall). But when all is said and done–I’m really loving it (easy to say now that it’s summer,right).


And I am having fun planning what to do differently next year–to actually go into the year having some idea of what I am doing. To change things in my classroom (they are replacing my carpet with tile which is awesome). To do some of the same lessons, some different. Im also excited to see all my kiddos again–a few months older.


There is also some fear about next year, because we will have a new principal and the one that is leaving has been SO awesome. She will be hard to replace.

But for now, it is glorious SUMMER. I have some things planned, and lots of things not planned. Right now, I’m sitting next to Ryan at Mudsmith ( an east Dallas coffee shop). I will probably be doing a lot of that this summer–sitting next to Ryan while he studies. He has lots of that to do.

And hopefully I’ll be sharing lots more art, and adventures, and books. Fun summer things.


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