Today I have been doing something I’ve never done before, attending an online conference.
It is put on byThe Art of Education and is 4 hours full of 10-20 min presentations from some of the best and brightest art educators. Conference attendees have access to the videos and handouts for the next year.
They are actually in the last hour right now, but I am on information overload…

view from the other side

view from the other side

…so I’m going to go back and watch the videos later.

As I have been watching the presentations and chatting with other art teachers, I have been jotting down notes of things I want to do next year. Some of these goals I already had, some are new, or some are just more specific. Like…

  1. Using iPads at least once with every grade level. Theresa Gillespie gave a great presentation about practical ways to do that.
  2. Communicate with parents better. Specifically, I want to create a Facebook page for our art program. That way parents who follow it can know when I’ve added pictures to our online galleries, when we need supply donations (old tshirts, bottle caps, TP rolls, etc), or when I need volunteers.
  3. I want to collaborate with the classroom teachers more. For instance, I noticed last year that 5th graders did a biography project. Well, I could have them do an art project based on the person they have been researching for their biography. There is an iPad app that turns any picture into a stamp. They could draw a portrait of their person, take a picture, turn it into a stamp. Or add text to the picture with the WordFoto app. There go two goals in one!
  4. I want to try doing art centers with Kindergarten

I am trying not to bee too ambitious with these goals, but I think these are all very doable. Last year I was afraid of getting too overwhelmed, so I just tried to do the bare minimum. Which is fine, but next year and I can do more things. I’ve also been thinking about doing an art show, perhaps in conjunction with open house. I could use a service like Artome, that does it all for you, or I could organize it with the help of parent volunteers and students. These are all things I will have to talk to our new principal about. I’m excited to meet her.

This has gotten me pumped for next year. But I’m glad I still have many weeks ahead of me before then!


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