First and Last

I filled up a sketchbook the other day, which is a satisfying thing to do. And I didn’t even realize I was doing it at the time. I bought some colored Micron pens at Michaels and felt like playing around with them while watching TV. The first thing I saw was a Burger King advertisement with ice cream cones, so this happened…
Turns out it was the last page.

A few days later, I opened a new sketchbook. First pages are kind of intimating. I looked up one of my favorite artists, Marc Chagall, and drew a chicken inspired by him.

The Spring (Le Printemps) Marc Chagall (1887-1985/Russian) Oil on Canvas

my chicken

my chicken

Come to find out I didn’t even use the first page. I accidently drew my lady on the third page, so I still have to do something awesome on the first.

I’ve been having fun using Zentangle patterns. If you haven’t heard of it, Zentangle is a thing right now, a phenomenon. Kind of like glorified doodling. Meditative and relaxing. Repeating patterns. They have books and even classes about Zentangle, but I just find things online. Like this that I used in the “grass” of my drawing.

I found this on Pinterest, but it was originally on this blog.

There are a never-ending amount of those Zentangle patterns. They are a great spring board.

And to close, here is a picture of me and some lovely ladies at a recent wedding.

Congrats Claire!

Congrats Claire!


4 thoughts on “First and Last

  1. I like your zentangles.. i didn’t know it was a “thing” – sounds like a Chris-ism. you’re sitting next to me.

  2. Ah so glad to see this pic from the wedding! you three look beautiful! Claire looks like a dream bride! Wish I could have been there. And also, if I were still doing course work I think I could get dangerously into zentangle (I’m a compulsive doodler in class).

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