Tree of…

I really have been sluggish on this blog lately. So I will share two drawings again, though each one took about a week to finish.

One is the actual first page of my new sketchbook.

Out to Sea

Out to Sea

And then…


Ok, so I just had the heart-breaking experience of writing out a full post, only to have to all mysteriously be deleted. Noo! The above was saved as a draft, but everything else is gone. I don’t feel like writing it all again. Just need to mourn…

Ok, now I’ll say a little of what I said before. When I posted the later drawing on Facebook and Instagram, I posed the question, “Tree of …” My mom helped by also asking her blog readers as well. Here are some of the responses…

Tree of Creativity
Tree of WONDER
Tree of Lungs (from Ryan; his first association is usually an anatomical one..)
Tree of Fathers Day Tie Patterns (Ryan’s dad)
Tree of Serendipity
Tree of Realized Potential
Tree of Life
Tree of Light

All very thoughtful. And I would love to add to the list if you had anymore ideas.


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