Feather fun

Here is a picture that I posted back in April.
And then here it is on my shoulder!
I love it! I am so in love. The artist did a superb job. His name is Brice and works at a place called Death or Glory Tattoo. That’s the same place Ryan has gotten both of his tattoos, but a different guy.

I’m obsessed with it! I keep looking at it. Here it is right now. (the flash is super bright on the photobooth on my computer, don’t know how to turn it off.)
Photo on 7-21-13 at 1.32 PM
Obsessed am I!

In other news, here is something I finished last night. Kinda psychedelic, which is not particularly my style. But I still like it alright.
Funny story, this actually started as a “beautiful oops” from my Scout drawing. When I first started drawing Scout, I didn’t like where I had placed his ears.
scout - Version 2
So I started again on a different page. The I went back to my “oops” and turned it into something beautiful.
psychedelic - Version 2
I may share that experience with my students when I get back. Making beautiful oopses is a big thing for me. Although I don’t like them to start over on a new paper, like I did do. So we’ll see. Do what I say, not what I do.


3 thoughts on “Feather fun

  1. What a tribute to Andie!!
    And that is a fantastic ‘oopsie’. Your students will benefit greatly from learning about redoing those oopsies. I wish I’d had a teacher who would have taught me about redeeming stuff like that. Really, that’s pretty major. I mean really.

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