Some Planning and Pretty

I’m doing something right now that I’ve been putting off for awhile. I’ve started to plan for next school year. I’m sifting through my lessons, deciding which to keep and which to chunk and when they should happen. The thought of doing so has been kind of stressing me out, but the act of doing it is actually fun. (You can click on the image if you want to see more detail)
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 1.20.05 PM
So you see there I have my Scope and Sequence for last year, next to one for next year. Each week gets a row and each grade level gets a column, plus an extra column for links to resources. These aren’t the detailed lesson plans, just a map of when who is doing what. And it is all subject to change–field trips, assemblies, fire drills, my own whim. It feels good to have a general map though.

You can also see, on the left, some beautiful watercolor flowers. Those were painted by a friend–this friend was a classmate of mine at UNT and helped me get my current teaching job. She has started her own design endeavor, Merely Paper, and you can download this beautiful desktop image for free on this blog post. It has calendar of July on it (covered by my Safari windows on my screenshot), so I can only imagine there will be an August one before too long. You should also check out her Etsy shop.

This is a screenshot, not the  actual shop.

This is a screenshot, not the actual shop.

Back to my planning. Last year, I began things by having a general idea of what lessons I wanted to do the first six weeks. Everything else was a blank. After that first six weeks I was living week-to-week, always stressed thinking–Now what are we going to do next week? By the end of the year I was living 2 weeks ahead, because I was getting more quick and confident on deciding on lessons. But now I have already done a whole year’s worth of lessons! So like I said, it is now just a matter of deciding what to keep and what to chunk. What to tweak and what is golden as is.

So I paused for a moment of procrastination to share all that, because it’s actually kind of fun. And makes me dread the coming of school a bit less.


One thought on “Some Planning and Pretty

  1. That Merely Paper is beautiful (everything that I saw).

    And I can so see how starting this school year is SO different than your starting last year. Oh my.
    I think every lesson you’d teach would be great. Super great.

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