I’ve been very active on facebook/instagram/bloging lately.  That makes me feel a little insecure, because I worry people will notice and think I’m super into myself and just need to be quiet and get a life.  But if they are noticing I’m being more social-media-y, that’s just because they are too.  So get off your high horse!


This just in!  There is free, worldwide shipping on all the products in my store if you follow this link –> Promotion!  So if you’ve been thinking about ordering something, now’s the time to do it!  Even cooler–the promotion ends on my birthday, which is this Sunday–August 11 (yep, I’ll be in Scotland then).    No, this is not my idea.  I just logged into Society 6 and they informed me I could offer this promotion.  Did they know Sunday is my birthday?  Did I tell them?  I don’t know.  Let’s not question it.

An example of one of the cool things you could order– feather iPad case.


And then browsing Society 6 I found these two things that are kinda funny. (Click on the images to take you to the product page, if you’re interested)

P{ee}ink in Space

When You Gotta Go


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