Fall Time!

We went by Whole Foods today and I was so excited because there were pumpkins surrounding the entrance.  I decided to buy one and figure what to do with it later when I got back home.  I don’t want to carve it, but do something decorative (paint or buttons or ribbon or something).  I was researching on Pinterest and Google, trying to find the perfect idea.  Perfect would mean I already owned all the supplies, it wouldn’t take very long, and it would be super cute.

Well, I got side-tracked and ending up finding another fall craft, that met all the above requirements, except that it didn’t involve a real pumpkin (the main ingredient).  But I dove in anyway.

I got the idea from this blog.  But then made it way easier by using a hot glue gun rather than a sewing machine and scrapbook paper rather than fabric.

And voila!


And here is a work in progress photo. You can see the neglected actual pumpkin in the background.

In other news I’ve been watching a lot of New Girl this weekend (it was playing on the iPad in the above photo). I just got into this show. So fun!

Nachos are ready. Gotta go.


4 thoughts on “Fall Time!

  1. Love that pumpkin art! (without the pumpkin)
    And I love fall!
    And I need to check out that “New Girl” show. It seems delightful… but I haven’t checked it out yet.

    You always inspire me.

  2. I’m thankful that you remain so cheerful and creative despite my constant barrage of academic-related or other such mundane complaints. I’m thankful it’s Fall now too.

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