Keep Calm and Paint Happy Trees

Whenever I do chores–cooking, mopping, vacuuming (in case you don’t know what a chore is)– I like to entertain myself.  It keeps me motivated.  Like when I’m cooking, I also almost always watch a TV show on my iPad (alliteration!).   And when I’m doing something that requires me moving around the house, I’ll listen to an NPR show on my iPhone.  This actually kind of makes me look forward to the chore.

Well, I just finished mopping, and while doing so I  listened to a really interesting/ awesome Radiolab podcast about rabies–Rodney Versus Death.  I would highly recommend that particular Short (they call their podcasts “Shorts”).  And something else awesome about it, was that it lasted the exact amount of time I needed  it to; it ended while I was pouring out my dirty mop water.

And speaking of Radiolab, I had my 5 seconds of fame by reading the credits at the end of another Short–Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl.  Listen to the whole thing, and then you’ll hear, “This is Laura Maxwell from Dallas, TX. Radiolab is supported by……” So, if you have a chore to do or somewhere you need to drive in your car–or perhaps you need to exercise– you should download or stream one or both of those podcasts to listen to while doing so.

In other news, I had something encouraging happen yesterday.  I got an email from Society 6 saying my Pirate Peril art print had been selected to be in their print shop.

So this is what that means. With Society 6, anybody can create a profile and sell their artwork from their profile page (like this is mine).  But there is also just the regular website, where you can sift through tons of artists’ work to buy prints, bags, pillows etc.  They select the works that will be in this shop–just the ones they think have a good chance of selling, I suppose.  And now one of my drawings is apart of it.   So you can buy any of my drawings by just going to my personal shop, and now the above drawing is also available in the official Society 6 shop.  So that’s nice and encouraging to me 🙂  Thanks Caroline, for commissioning this!

(Sorry, being a teacher I am used to saying the same thing multiple times in different ways.  That’s what just happened in the above paragraph.)

Now, I want to do more awesome drawings that will be selected.  But I also need to remember.

I don’t not need to be obsessed with what people think about what I draw, I just need to do it because I like to.

And one more for the road.


5 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Paint Happy Trees

  1. I want to listen to that show! Rabies is pretty terrible, but interesting… Luckily for us (and our pups) it is super rare in the U.S. Proud of you – and your drawings.

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