Lots of fun things–I don’t know what else to title this post.

It’s fun to look at my Society 6 shop and see that something has sold.
It’s very amazing–that someone would pay money for my art! Sometime I’m thinking I’ll open a shop on Etsy to sell my original drawings. Sometime…

I just bought something from myself as well, to take advantage of the free shipping. A squirrel pillow.

It will go nicely with my elephant pillow.

Yesterday we had a fun-filled day celebrating my hunky husband’s birthday. Shopping at North Park, lunch with our wonderful family at Kona Grill, catching up on the Walking Dead, and then watching Baylor beat Tech at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. What a day!

lunch at Kona Grill--yummy sushi

lunch at Kona Grill–yummy sushi

with my momma at the game

with my momma at the game

Sic 'em!

Sic ’em! Bruiser looks ferocious.


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