I said I would post everyday this week and I already don’t know what to post. Ahh! And it’s only Monday ….

So let’s talk about how Ryan and I are going to Scotland on Thursday. For part of our time there we are going to be camping on the Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye Photos
This photo of Isle of Skye is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Isle of Skye Photos
This photo of Isle of Skye is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Can you believe it?! Me niether. And I’m pumped to see my brother and sis-in-law

That’s us FaceTime-ing with them recently (we are itty bitty on the bottom left).

And then I come back and hit the ground running with preparing for a new school year ….

And then here is a Moose

By an artist who calls themselves DoGooder.


The end.  We shall see if I have anything better for you tomorrow.

Behind the Scenes

We had a lively weekend here at our abode. Recently, we’ve had another couple move in with us–some good friends. And then this past weekend (which is still happening, since it is still Sunday), another couple of old friends visited. So in case you lost track, that means there were six of us staying at our house in all. The extra couple are some friends from ol’ Denton and Farm days. Lucky for us, one of them is a photographer. Her weekend-project was to take portraits of us.

Melissa with her partner-in-crime, David

Melissa with her partner-in-crime, David

We got some behind-the scenes shots. For instance, here is Ryan’s lovely sister photographed by Melissa (this is actually a test shot taken on Melissa’s phone. The real deal is on yet-to-be-developed film. Yep, not digital. She’s an artist).
Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 3.49.43 PM

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

I got to be her assistant.  Here, Melissa is taking a "test shot" on her phone.

I got to be her assistant. Here, Melissa is taking a “test shot” on her phone.

Another beautiful "test shot" of Ryan and Goldie.

Another beautiful “test shot” of Ryan and Goldie.

Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes.


And then, seeing Melissa do her art made me want to make some too. So I drew a picture.

With Micron pen.

With Micron pen.

A fun way to spend a Saturday evening!

See?  So fun.

See? So fun.

The next morning (i.e. this morning), she took more portraits inside.

Taken on Heidi's iPhone (one of our housemates).  That Melissa photographing me and Ryan as the assistant)

Taken on Heidi’s iPhone (one of our housemates).

It’s nice to have friends with skills.


Well, I have been feeling pretty yucky for the past 24 hours. Ryan and I had to leave early from a perfectly-fine-Christmas-time with his family last night because of it.

Today I have just been laying around in my PJs. Here is what has kept me company.

The ever-entertaining Pinterest. And it’s not just time wasted–I get most of my lesson ideas from Pinterest.

Cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix.

Awesome Christmas movies. Makes me cry everytime (I don’t think Ryan noticed).

These cuties.

And the love of my life who also happens to be a nurse (bonus!). I can hear him emptying the dishwasher right now . . .

I did attempt to read, so I wouldn’t feel like a total bum. But I got tired.

And I’m getting tired right now writing this post.

So I think I’ll stop.


Lots of art things

I feel like adding a new post, but I don’t really know what to say. So I’ll show you some things that have been happening in my little sketchbook lately. I didn’t really crop these photos, so you could see the drawings in the context of the book

Prismacolor Pencils, while driving to San Antonio

Prismacolor Pencils, while driving to San Antonio

Also prismacolor.  Also while driving to San Antionio (it's a long drive).

Also prismacolor. Also while driving to San Antionio (it’s a long drive).

Doodling with a Micron pen.

Doodling with a Micron pen.



Other things happening in my life: I’ve recently gotten into watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix. And by recently I mean yesterday. It is getting funnier and funnier with each episode, as these shows often do. It has been entertaining me while I work on putting together artwork for the upcoming PTA art auction. Each class is producing an artwork, and each student paints 2-3 squares. I put the squares together and viola.

A masterpiece appears. And yes, it’s kind of a lot of work for me. But at least it is mindless work. So I have been watching a lot of Parks and Recreation this weekend.

The above is usually something I would put in my other blog, devoted to my art educator-self, but I think I will let that blog rest for now. I am trying to not put my identity and worth into my how I do as a teacher, and having a whole blog about it wasn’t helping. So I’m going to consolidate things.

And to close, here is an awesome owl drawing done by a 2nd grader this week.

Chicken Art

I painted this last weekend.

You see, I’ve been collecting feathers from our chickens–just when I see them on the ground in our backyard or in their lay boxes. Then I put them in the freezer for 3+ weeks in a baggie to kill any yucky chicken bacteria. I have quite a collection going. They really are beautiful. See?

I don’t know what I am going to do with them, but it seems like a good idea to collect them. Something awesome will happen someday.

Anywho, they inspire me. So last week I drew one of Bunny’s white feathers in oil pastel and then painted around it with watercolor. Just a fun and relaxing thing to do. Watching my students make art all day makes me kinda jealous, and I want to make art too.

I think I want to make one for every chicken. Each one is unique and beautiful.

Ode to Scobi

Went to the pound yesterday to look for Scobi to no avail.  It’s been over a week.

We’ve had Scobi since we were married, or two months after we got married really.

This is a picture of Scobi at the Denton Animal Shelter when we got him. He went by “Snickers” there.

I don’t mean for this to be a super downer post or anything, just want to remember him a little bit.

We aren’t really cat people, more dog people. If we had to have a cat though, Scobi was perfect for us. A great cuddler.

I don’t know what his life was like before becoming apart of our family. The shelter guessed that he was 8, which would make him 10 now. We gave him a good life for a little while, I’d like to think.

And I know he could still show up again on our doorstep. Cats do that. But I don’t think that he will. I think he’s gone.

I know he’s just a cat, and I definitely won’t miss him scratching our leather couch or sharpening his claws on our chairs, but I’ll miss him still.

I don’t imagine we will get another cat. Like I said, we are more dog (and chicken) people. And I don’t think any other cat could top Scobi.