Mind Blown

Finished my second “Collaboration” piece. It started as a drawing by a toddler friend of mine…
And then I finished it off.

After scanning and editing the original drawing on Pixelmator (really just enhancing the colors and removing a food smudge), I started playing around with some of the other effects. Like inverting the colors.
And like taking this drawing
And turing it into this.

Mind blown.

And that was just me messing around for like 5 minutes.

I’ve often wondered how some of the people I follow on Society 6 can post so much art, so often. I think I know now.

About a museum and poo

I visited the Museum of Biblical Art yesterday. It’s an art museum in Dallas I hadn’t heard of until a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it if you enjoy art and/or things relating to the Bible.

They have a special exhibit on display right now about the King James Bible. One interesting artifact was the Wicked Bible. It was published in 1631 and has a pretty big typo.


Almost all of the 1,000 copies were destroyed, but a few stuck around–and one of them is at the Museum.

They also have an exhibit of Marc Chagall prints. He is one of my favorite artists. He was Jewish and did a lot of artwork based off of biblical stories.

Speaking of the 10 Commandments

I also enjoyed the art of Father John Guiliani.

Choctaw Madonna and Child


He is the son of Italian immigrants, but it known for “depicting Jesus and the saints in the faces and imagery of Native American peoples.” (Quote from this article)

Anywho, it’s worth checking out. They also have a great audio tour if you are into that sort of thing.

There are also three drawings that I have yet to share on my blog, but that are already on my Society 6 shop.

Lamp Post

Lamp Post



Color Wheel

Color Wheel

I just feel like they aren’t really official until I have them on this blog. Sometime maybe I’ll get a more professional looking website or something… Probably not anytime soon what with school starting in a few weeks and all.

One more interesting thing. I haven’t used shampoo and conditioner in over two weeks–and I’m loving my hair. Read more about the no ‘poo technique here.


Well, it’s officially summer. Spent some time by the pool yesterday with some oldie-but-goodies-friends.

And I’m officially very sunburned because I stupidly did not wear sunscreen.

Yep, it’s all very official.

Good thing I’m only sunburned on my front side, because I have a massage scheduled today that would otherwise be very painful.

Ah the life of a teacher in the summertime. Across the street from our house their is a school that is still not out for summer break. This is their last week. I feel for those teachers. I walked the dogs by a group of rowdy children at said school this morning and just felt so free.

And I’ve been able to spend some time doodling in front of the TV.

In pen..

And then in oil pastel…

I really enjoy oil pastel because of the potential for color-mixing, but it is difficult to do fine details with them, because they are so thick.

I want to draw more from life, not just abstract doodles. It just is more stressful because you actually want it to look like something. But anytime I get frustrated, I need to practice what I preach to my kids. Never give up on a drawing. Make beautiful oopses. Use the mistake. Don’t just give up and start over (a.k.a. Don’t waste my paper). If I can’t do that, how can I expect them to!

That actually is one of the strict rules in my classroom–no new paper. To save paper and to encourage kids to think outside the box and use their mistakes. Sometimes this means tears. And the tears really tempt me to break my rule. But usually friends who sit nearby will offer suggestions on how to make it a beautiful oops, and I will too, and they will sit there in frustration for a few minutes. Then I have to walk sway and let them figure it out, and by the end they are usually pleased with themselves. There have been a couple times I have broken my rule and nearly always have regretted it. Usually if I let one student start over, then all of a sudden no one is happy with their art and everyone wants a new paper. Which is very annoying. So I’ve learned my lesson a few times about that.

So that was a little tangent, but I hope you liked it.


Lots happening! And little internet. That is why posts have been sparce. I’m in my neighbor’s backyard now, so I can use her internet when she is not home (don’t worry, she knows I’m here). Those of you who read this and know me in real life know whats going on (bought a house, job interview today, garage sale last weekend etc) so I won’t bore you with more about THAT. I WILL show you this.

I call it “Waterfall,” because that is what it turned into–an abstracted waterfall. Again, it is oil pastel on recycled cardboard (it’s former life was the front of a Puffins cereal box).

Interestingly (and sadly) my previous piece got rained on because I accidently left it outside. Oops. Good thing thing I didn’t really like it that much. I discovered this had happened after I titled this “Waterfall.” It was prophetic.

And I’ll leave you with this, to make you go, “Hm.”