Autumn Pretties

Yep, I’m feeling better than I was during my last post.

And then I had only three days of school this week and now its already the weekend again.  Say what?! Pretty awesome. I feel like I don’t even deserve the weekend, but I’m not complaining.

So last week I started a new drawing with this..


Then I played around with it on Pixelmator and created this.

I am a fan of asymmetry, so I prefer the original drawing, but I’m happy with both of them. And both are available at my shop. For instance…

And since then, I’ve been adding to the original flower.  Here is the work in progress ..


I also wanted to share a pumpkin. Because there are a lot of pumpkins going on in my life right now…
And speaking of pumpkins. Here are my 1st graders’ finished pumpkins (I showed an in-process photo a bit ago). They are so adorable! (Click on the image to make it bigger.)
IMG_2135 - Version 2
They are hanging up next to some kindergarten fall trees. The fall trees have finger-painted leaves.  Lots of teachers have told me how much they love the pumpkins. You know, that really means a lot to an art teacher–complimenting students’ artwork.  So, if you have the thought, you should tell them (and of course that goes with any compliment–if you think it, you should say it).

My 6th graders are also working on some beautiful Southwest Landscapes in chalk pastel. Once I upload some photos I will have to share.

So much wonderful eye candy in this post.   Here is one more, by an illustrator I like named Tegan White.  It’s called “The Last Acorn of Autumn.”


Mind Blown

Finished my second “Collaboration” piece. It started as a drawing by a toddler friend of mine…
And then I finished it off.

After scanning and editing the original drawing on Pixelmator (really just enhancing the colors and removing a food smudge), I started playing around with some of the other effects. Like inverting the colors.
And like taking this drawing
And turing it into this.

Mind blown.

And that was just me messing around for like 5 minutes.

I’ve often wondered how some of the people I follow on Society 6 can post so much art, so often. I think I know now.


A few months ago, some of our good friends visited. They have two precious babes, and one of them–who is about 2 1/2 I think– occupied himself by drawing for a few minutes. At the time, I had just gotten into Zentangle, and so I saved the drawings, thinking they would be great starting points for a zentangle piece. First I worked on this one.
IMG_1791 - Version 2
Which I recently completed.
I call it “Collaboration.” And I’ve started working on the second one.

Meanwhile, my students and I are getting excited about fall. 1st graders are drawing and painting pumpkins, mixing red and yellow to make orange.

Next week they are going to cut out the pumpkins and leaves and glue them to a black paper and draw stars. Night time pumpkins. Got the idea from Deep Space Sparkle.

4th graders are making some beautiful moonlit pumpkins, learning about making tints and shades (making a color lighter or darker depending on the light). I forgot to take pictures, but can share some next week. Kinders are making fall trees and finger-painting the leaves. Again, forgot to take pictures.

I feel like I share more 1st grade projects than anything else. I guess I really like 1st grade.

And I like my job.

I'm thinking/hoping that by "live" she meant "leave"...

I’m thinking/hoping that by “live” she meant “leave”…

Lots of fun things to look at.

I drew another “zendala” doodle..
And I stold a “Lamppost” framed print. Thanks whoever you are!

(AND there is free shipping, worldwide, at my shop through tomorrow, just saying. You have to click this link though to access it.)

My first graders talked about how the primary colors are SUPER because they make all the other colors on the rainbow, so we made primary colored SUPER HEROES.
IMG_2068They loved it. And they loved this song to go along with it.

And I’m working on a pirate ship..

Using micron pens and watercolor pencils.  Watercolor pencils are so fun!  They are like magic. Art magic

This is what happens when I don’t blog in awhile. I have to hit you with a lot of little things at once.

I found the above on Society 6, by artist Bianca Green. I also like this one.

No Worries

It about time for a now post! (I meant to say new post, but I think “a now post” might work for me too)

I got this fun book recently with lots of great ideas.

And then drew this.


(And of course it is available at my shop).

I’m working on another one also, but things are moving much more slowly now that school has started. It is going great so far by the way.
It’s so great to be in my 2nd year and not my 1st anymore! There are still good days and bad days–but I am sleeping much better than I did this time last year!

About a museum and poo

I visited the Museum of Biblical Art yesterday. It’s an art museum in Dallas I hadn’t heard of until a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it if you enjoy art and/or things relating to the Bible.

They have a special exhibit on display right now about the King James Bible. One interesting artifact was the Wicked Bible. It was published in 1631 and has a pretty big typo.


Almost all of the 1,000 copies were destroyed, but a few stuck around–and one of them is at the Museum.

They also have an exhibit of Marc Chagall prints. He is one of my favorite artists. He was Jewish and did a lot of artwork based off of biblical stories.

Speaking of the 10 Commandments

I also enjoyed the art of Father John Guiliani.

Choctaw Madonna and Child


He is the son of Italian immigrants, but it known for “depicting Jesus and the saints in the faces and imagery of Native American peoples.” (Quote from this article)

Anywho, it’s worth checking out. They also have a great audio tour if you are into that sort of thing.

There are also three drawings that I have yet to share on my blog, but that are already on my Society 6 shop.

Lamp Post

Lamp Post



Color Wheel

Color Wheel

I just feel like they aren’t really official until I have them on this blog. Sometime maybe I’ll get a more professional looking website or something… Probably not anytime soon what with school starting in a few weeks and all.

One more interesting thing. I haven’t used shampoo and conditioner in over two weeks–and I’m loving my hair. Read more about the no ‘poo technique here.

Feather fun

Here is a picture that I posted back in April.
And then here it is on my shoulder!
I love it! I am so in love. The artist did a superb job. His name is Brice and works at a place called Death or Glory Tattoo. That’s the same place Ryan has gotten both of his tattoos, but a different guy.

I’m obsessed with it! I keep looking at it. Here it is right now. (the flash is super bright on the photobooth on my computer, don’t know how to turn it off.)
Photo on 7-21-13 at 1.32 PM
Obsessed am I!

In other news, here is something I finished last night. Kinda psychedelic, which is not particularly my style. But I still like it alright.
Funny story, this actually started as a “beautiful oops” from my Scout drawing. When I first started drawing Scout, I didn’t like where I had placed his ears.
scout - Version 2
So I started again on a different page. The I went back to my “oops” and turned it into something beautiful.
psychedelic - Version 2
I may share that experience with my students when I get back. Making beautiful oopses is a big thing for me. Although I don’t like them to start over on a new paper, like I did do. So we’ll see. Do what I say, not what I do.

Tree of…

I really have been sluggish on this blog lately. So I will share two drawings again, though each one took about a week to finish.

One is the actual first page of my new sketchbook.

Out to Sea

Out to Sea

And then…


Ok, so I just had the heart-breaking experience of writing out a full post, only to have to all mysteriously be deleted. Noo! The above was saved as a draft, but everything else is gone. I don’t feel like writing it all again. Just need to mourn…

Ok, now I’ll say a little of what I said before. When I posted the later drawing on Facebook and Instagram, I posed the question, “Tree of …” My mom helped by also asking her blog readers as well. Here are some of the responses…

Tree of Creativity
Tree of WONDER
Tree of Lungs (from Ryan; his first association is usually an anatomical one..)
Tree of Fathers Day Tie Patterns (Ryan’s dad)
Tree of Serendipity
Tree of Realized Potential
Tree of Life
Tree of Light

All very thoughtful. And I would love to add to the list if you had anymore ideas.

First and Last

I filled up a sketchbook the other day, which is a satisfying thing to do. And I didn’t even realize I was doing it at the time. I bought some colored Micron pens at Michaels and felt like playing around with them while watching TV. The first thing I saw was a Burger King advertisement with ice cream cones, so this happened…
Turns out it was the last page.

A few days later, I opened a new sketchbook. First pages are kind of intimating. I looked up one of my favorite artists, Marc Chagall, and drew a chicken inspired by him.

The Spring (Le Printemps) Marc Chagall (1887-1985/Russian) Oil on Canvas

my chicken

my chicken

Come to find out I didn’t even use the first page. I accidently drew my lady on the third page, so I still have to do something awesome on the first.

I’ve been having fun using Zentangle patterns. If you haven’t heard of it, Zentangle is a thing right now, a phenomenon. Kind of like glorified doodling. Meditative and relaxing. Repeating patterns. They have books and even classes about Zentangle, but I just find things online. Like this that I used in the “grass” of my drawing.

I found this on Pinterest, but it was originally on this blog.

There are a never-ending amount of those Zentangle patterns. They are a great spring board.

And to close, here is a picture of me and some lovely ladies at a recent wedding.

Congrats Claire!

Congrats Claire!