This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the Texas Art Education Conference in Dallas.
It was great fun–lots of awesome workshops, and ran into a lot of old and new friends. The Hilton Anotole itself is beautiful. And they were in the midst of Christmas-a-fying it this weekend.
One of the main speakers at the conference was Magda Sayeg. She has an exotic sounding name, but she’s a Texas girl–from Houston and currently lives in Austin. I really enjoyed hearing her story. She started the yarn bombing phenomenon.

She enjoys changing everyday objects so that people notice them again. And how yarn bombing kinda reveals and conceals things at the same time. It’s brings something warm and human into a cold urban environment. And it’s pretty. Cool stuff.

We saw some in Dallas a few years ago, in the Bishop Arts District.  Ryan was all dressed up for his grad school interview.


Maybe I should start knitting something today. It has been awhile.
And I’ll close with a thank you for the buyer of all those mugs! I have an idea of who you are…. Thank you!


Fall Time!

We went by Whole Foods today and I was so excited because there were pumpkins surrounding the entrance.  I decided to buy one and figure what to do with it later when I got back home.  I don’t want to carve it, but do something decorative (paint or buttons or ribbon or something).  I was researching on Pinterest and Google, trying to find the perfect idea.  Perfect would mean I already owned all the supplies, it wouldn’t take very long, and it would be super cute.

Well, I got side-tracked and ending up finding another fall craft, that met all the above requirements, except that it didn’t involve a real pumpkin (the main ingredient).  But I dove in anyway.

I got the idea from this blog.  But then made it way easier by using a hot glue gun rather than a sewing machine and scrapbook paper rather than fabric.

And voila!


And here is a work in progress photo. You can see the neglected actual pumpkin in the background.

In other news I’ve been watching a lot of New Girl this weekend (it was playing on the iPad in the above photo). I just got into this show. So fun!

Nachos are ready. Gotta go.

Christmas Craft with Corks.

Gotta love alliterating! So invigorating.

So I actually did one of my pins today–a non art education pin. A just a for fun pin. I made a little Christmas tree out of old wine corks. Super simple. All you do is hot glue the corks together in a Christmas tree formation, and then embellish. I cut a cork in half for the trunk.

After I worked on one side, I wasn’t really satisfied with it.

So I made it reversible and glued a bunch of buttons on the other side.

In high school I bought a big jar of buttons at a garage sale. That jar is still going strong! Those buttons are from said jar.

After making the button side, I decided I did like the original side after all. So here she resides now.

Some Quirky Christmas Corks.

Whoa! And it’s exactly one month until Christmas!