This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the Texas Art Education Conference in Dallas.
It was great fun–lots of awesome workshops, and ran into a lot of old and new friends. The Hilton Anotole itself is beautiful. And they were in the midst of Christmas-a-fying it this weekend.
One of the main speakers at the conference was Magda Sayeg. She has an exotic sounding name, but she’s a Texas girl–from Houston and currently lives in Austin. I really enjoyed hearing her story. She started the yarn bombing phenomenon.

She enjoys changing everyday objects so that people notice them again. And how yarn bombing kinda reveals and conceals things at the same time. It’s brings something warm and human into a cold urban environment. And it’s pretty. Cool stuff.

We saw some in Dallas a few years ago, in the Bishop Arts District.  Ryan was all dressed up for his grad school interview.


Maybe I should start knitting something today. It has been awhile.
And I’ll close with a thank you for the buyer of all those mugs! I have an idea of who you are…. Thank you!


Magical and Majestic

Some days, I feel restless sitting at home all day and doing nothing.  It feels wrong.  But today, it just feels right   Because..

  1. It has been raining and is still overcast.  A cozy day.
  2. Its a day off from school, so I’m supposed to be resting.
  3. I have a pretty bad cold.  Not terrible, but pretty bad.

So today I am going to rest and do nothing.  And by “nothing” I mean read, watch TV, draw, look at Pinterest, maybe even start knitting something.  Anything that requires sitting and not putting forth too much effort.

Sounds marvelous doesn’t it?

Something else that is marvelous is my current Desktop picture.


It was taken on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, when Ryan and I were there in August. The majestic Cuillin Hills. I try to “x” out of all my windows when I finish using my computer, so that the next time I sit down in front of it, its like “BAM.” Beauty. That’s what it was like a few minutes ago, when I sat down to write this blog post. BAM.

That little path on the bottom of the picture led us to the fairy pools, which is a beautiful series of waterfalls.
Man, I feel so blessed that we got to go there. On the Isle of Skye, you half expect to bump into a hobbit or centaur or some other magical creature.  It a majestic, magical landscape.

This book just came in the mail.

I ordered it when we got back from our trip, but it just got to me a couple of days ago. Maybe that will be part of the “nothing” I do today–start that book.

Man, I have a lot of nothing to do, better get on it.

Sketches and Doodles

As a teacher, I have a requirement to get a certain number of professional development hours. To that end, all us art teachers got a blank “sketchbook” at the beginning of the year and have been tasked to fill it up by March, when our professional development hours are due.

The Visual Arts Director of my district sees our personal artistic development as an integral part of our professional development as art educators. Do I work for a great district, or what?

At first drawing in it just felt like another chore, but now that I have broken it in some, it has become fun and relaxing. I also have been really inspired by this book.

An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers

Such a cool book. I first encountered this book when I was student teaching, and have since purchased my own copy. It has inspired me as I try to fill up this sketchbook.

What also inspires me is posting stuff on my blog. For better or worse, I crave an audience. It motivates me. So here are some of the things in the pages of my little sketchbook so far . . .

doodling with oil pastel

oil pastel apple

our chickens in prismacolor

encouraging myself

Doodled while watching an episode of Doctor Who. Prismacolor colored pencils.

Most recent and most favorite so far. Also doodled while watching TV–the new Sherlock Holmes on BBC–so good!

My knitting time has taken a hit, now that I’ve discovered that its fun to doodle while watching TV. TV time used to be my knitting time. Oh well.

These are mostly weekend endeavors (like my blogging). I’ll share more as I fill it up.


WordPress informed me that my last post was my most liked post. Thanks guys! I liked it too. I’ll hopefully be sharing some more color play soon.

Our internet is not working (aka we bum off our neighbor and he is moving out) so I am at Denton Square Donuts, bumming off of their internet. So I had to get a donut. Second breakfast.

I know, life is hard.

When we move to Dallas, I will miss places like this — uniquely Denton, just a couple of blocks from our home, running into people I know. Dallas has lots to offer too though I suppose . . .

Remember way back when, when I told you I was starting to knit a blanket? I thought you–my devoted followers–would be curious as to the state of the aforementioned blanket. Well, it’s coming along nicely, I think.

It’s been a fun project to work on while movie and TV watching. I’m wanting to add a stripe of yellow as well, but I’m not finding the yellow yarn that I need at my local Hobby Lobby.

I’ll leave you with an image of an artwork done by a designer/illustrator I just found, Teagan White. I really like her.

Dallas Adventures

The last couple of days Ryan and I have had some fun adventures down in big D ( we live in little d = Denton).

Yesterday evening, we had a fabulous Valentine’s Day dinner at Bolsa. In the words of Bolsa’s website: “Fresh, local ingredients. A daily changing menu. The best cocktails in the city.”

Word. So good. I’d describe it as laid back fine dining. It’s located in Oak Cliff, near the Bishop Arts District, a very cool and growing part of Dallas.

This morning Ryan and I returned to Dallas for an interview Ryan had at a graduate school. It went really well, by the way. Afterward we returned to the Bishop Arts District to walk around and find lunch. We also found some awesome knit/crochet graffiti. And there is Ryan looking all snazzy and handsome.



They call it yarn bombing. So cool!

If Ryan gets into said graduate school, we plan on moving to big D and hopefully finding a nice place to plant around this particular area. And by plant I mean live and grow.

I like this.

Source: via Brenda on Pinterest


I am about to go to a two-year old’s birthday party, so that’s all I have time to share for now. I realized yesterday while at Target that I had never bought a birthday present for a two-year old before. It took some deliberation. No, I won’t tell you what I bought — he might be reading this!

Happy New Year!

Let’s start the new year with some awesome music. This is Gungor, a band Ryan and I got into last year.

I like them.

You may have noticed that I haven’t actually been drawing every day, like I said I would. For instance, I don’t actually have a drawing to share with you today . . but it’s my challenge. I make the rules. Next post I will share my Day Seven drawing <– I said it! So I have to do it.

My two new year’s resolutions: to learn to cross-stitch and to learn how to crochet. My mother-in-law (which still feels weird to say, even after a year and a half) gave me an Introduction to Cross Stitch kit for Christmas, so that is where that idea came from.

Last winter I learned how to knit, and have been knitting madly ever since. I figured it’s time to learn how to crochet as well.

And yes, that is a tree that has been crocheted by crochet artist Carol Hummel. Amazing!

Those are some attainable goals. And now that I’ve blogged them I have to do them!

Lots to do — draw, cross-stitch, crochet, find a job . . .


I know I haven’t mentioned it in awhile, but yes, I’ve still been knitting.

And our little garden is still growing

It has actually grown a lot since I took that picture a few weeks ago. The tallest ones are sunflowers. On the left is a row of tomatoes which are really growing well. We also have cucumbers, cayenne pepper, swiss chard, and rosemary. All thanks to my talented husbee, who planted everything from seeds (except for the Rosemary, which we inherited).


Ryan has been working nights lately. On nights that he works, I have developed a bit of a routine. He leaves at about 5:30. First I do some school work usually and eat dinner. Sometimes that involves going to Panera (I love their mac n cheese, but Ryan doesn’t really like eating there), or just finding something at home. Then I oftentimes will bake something–muffins, bread, or maybe cookies–while watching Heroes (I am on season 3). Then I’ll continue to watch Heroes while knitting. Then I will read a little before going to bed. That’s my routine pretty much. I enjoy it.

It was rudely interrupted last night, though, when the electricity went out for a little over an hour. It would have been fun if Ryan was with me, but instead it was just a little scary and frustrating. Scary because I was home alone except for Akon and Scobi, and frustrating because I was in the middle of a Heroes episode and my banana-chocolate-chip muffins were in the oven. I lit some candles, put on my headlamp, and tried to make the best of it. My muffins turned out okay anyway, once the electricity came back on and they finished baking.

Well, then this morning I awoke to my backyard being flooded. Oy. Turns out it was a problem with our neighbor’s pipes, but it still made for a more hectic Saturday morning.

Sometimes things just don’t work out as you expect them to.