This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the Texas Art Education Conference in Dallas.
It was great fun–lots of awesome workshops, and ran into a lot of old and new friends. The Hilton Anotole itself is beautiful. And they were in the midst of Christmas-a-fying it this weekend.
One of the main speakers at the conference was Magda Sayeg. She has an exotic sounding name, but she’s a Texas girl–from Houston and currently lives in Austin. I really enjoyed hearing her story. She started the yarn bombing phenomenon.

She enjoys changing everyday objects so that people notice them again. And how yarn bombing kinda reveals and conceals things at the same time. It’s brings something warm and human into a cold urban environment. And it’s pretty. Cool stuff.

We saw some in Dallas a few years ago, in the Bishop Arts District.  Ryan was all dressed up for his grad school interview.


Maybe I should start knitting something today. It has been awhile.
And I’ll close with a thank you for the buyer of all those mugs! I have an idea of who you are…. Thank you!


Scotland Rundown

Back at Heathrow airport, waiting for a plane that will take us back to Dallas. It was such a good trip, we had a great time, but it will also be nice to be home. It’s good to have balances in life like that–it’s nice to leave and nice to get back.

Another good balance we had in our trip was the city to countryside ratio. Our first couple nights were spent in Glasgow. We had a fun time being shown around by Will and Bailey.



Then Ryan and I took a train to the beautiful and enchanting Isle of Skye and explored around there a couple of days.



Then back to Glasgow for one more night with Will and Bailey, plus some amazing Indian food.

That above picture is on the Subway. Ryan is hidden behind his massive backpack.

It was a really fun trip and a great visit with Will and Bailey. Soon I’ll put up tons more pictures in a Facebook album, so get excited.

Pretty soon it’s back to the real world… But that world is good as well.


People watching is at its best at airports, especially at Heathrow in London. Not just people watching, but also people listening. Some many different accents and languages all around.

Ryan and I are here, waiting for a flight to Glasgow. We just got off of an overnight flight from Dallas.

I actually was able to sleep some, which is a big deal for me. Hopefully that means I won’t be too jet lagged.

I doodled some on the plane. Not finished.

Watched movies and was in and out of sleep. I feel gross and smelly, but excited.

Tree of…

I really have been sluggish on this blog lately. So I will share two drawings again, though each one took about a week to finish.

One is the actual first page of my new sketchbook.

Out to Sea

Out to Sea

And then…


Ok, so I just had the heart-breaking experience of writing out a full post, only to have to all mysteriously be deleted. Noo! The above was saved as a draft, but everything else is gone. I don’t feel like writing it all again. Just need to mourn…

Ok, now I’ll say a little of what I said before. When I posted the later drawing on Facebook and Instagram, I posed the question, “Tree of …” My mom helped by also asking her blog readers as well. Here are some of the responses…

Tree of Creativity
Tree of WONDER
Tree of Lungs (from Ryan; his first association is usually an anatomical one..)
Tree of Fathers Day Tie Patterns (Ryan’s dad)
Tree of Serendipity
Tree of Realized Potential
Tree of Life
Tree of Light

All very thoughtful. And I would love to add to the list if you had anymore ideas.

Behind the Scenes

We had a lively weekend here at our abode. Recently, we’ve had another couple move in with us–some good friends. And then this past weekend (which is still happening, since it is still Sunday), another couple of old friends visited. So in case you lost track, that means there were six of us staying at our house in all. The extra couple are some friends from ol’ Denton and Farm days. Lucky for us, one of them is a photographer. Her weekend-project was to take portraits of us.

Melissa with her partner-in-crime, David

Melissa with her partner-in-crime, David

We got some behind-the scenes shots. For instance, here is Ryan’s lovely sister photographed by Melissa (this is actually a test shot taken on Melissa’s phone. The real deal is on yet-to-be-developed film. Yep, not digital. She’s an artist).
Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 3.49.43 PM

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

I got to be her assistant.  Here, Melissa is taking a "test shot" on her phone.

I got to be her assistant. Here, Melissa is taking a “test shot” on her phone.

Another beautiful "test shot" of Ryan and Goldie.

Another beautiful “test shot” of Ryan and Goldie.

Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes.


And then, seeing Melissa do her art made me want to make some too. So I drew a picture.

With Micron pen.

With Micron pen.

A fun way to spend a Saturday evening!

See?  So fun.

See? So fun.

The next morning (i.e. this morning), she took more portraits inside.

Taken on Heidi's iPhone (one of our housemates).  That Melissa photographing me and Ryan as the assistant)

Taken on Heidi’s iPhone (one of our housemates).

It’s nice to have friends with skills.


Well, it’s happened. I’ve done it. I finished my first year as an elementary art teacher. And I feel really good about it.


I feel good that it is summer, of course. All of this free time is beyond amazing. And I also feel good about the year. I’ve learned and grown so much.

I have felt so much gratitude these past few weeks, reflecting on things. I’m so amazed to be where I am and doing what I doing and ENJOYING what I’m doing. I really enjoy it. And I am so thankful for THAT.

I didn’t know, starting this year, if I would really like this whole teaching thing. Even a few months in, I wasn’t so sure. But now I do! Not that like going to work everyday–most days I would rather not. And not that there weren’t days I would go home in tears of frustration and exhaustion–that happened quite a few times (especially in the fall). But when all is said and done–I’m really loving it (easy to say now that it’s summer,right).


And I am having fun planning what to do differently next year–to actually go into the year having some idea of what I am doing. To change things in my classroom (they are replacing my carpet with tile which is awesome). To do some of the same lessons, some different. Im also excited to see all my kiddos again–a few months older.


There is also some fear about next year, because we will have a new principal and the one that is leaving has been SO awesome. She will be hard to replace.

But for now, it is glorious SUMMER. I have some things planned, and lots of things not planned. Right now, I’m sitting next to Ryan at Mudsmith ( an east Dallas coffee shop). I will probably be doing a lot of that this summer–sitting next to Ryan while he studies. He has lots of that to do.

And hopefully I’ll be sharing lots more art, and adventures, and books. Fun summer things.

Me and Sandra

Just wrote a long post that vanished 😦 . So this one won’t be as awesome but here it is.

Sharing some drawings …




Ryan’s flip flops. With the ghost of his feet (band name — The Ghost of His Feet)

Both we’re done with Micron pen, which I’ve been using a lot lately. It’s a challenge. There is the no-erasing party ( I meant to say “part” but my iPad turned it into “party” which is way better), and also you can’t just smudge with your finger to create value (make a color darker or lighter). You have to do so with your mark-making–cross hatching and the like.

And also partly because of this girl, Sandra Diekmann.




She is my current fave.

Water Bottle

I was feeling under the weather yesterday and had no voice by the end of the school day, so I had sub take over for me today. I think it worked–I feel much better and have my voice back.

And then I drew my favorite water bottle.


I bought it on our recent trip to Oregon, hence the Oregon-shaped sticker.

And this is where we bought it, along with Ryan’s and Josh’s and Anna’s –who we were visiting.


A nice family.

Now that I’ve drawn my water bottle I feel like I know it so much better.