Magical and Majestic

Some days, I feel restless sitting at home all day and doing nothing.  It feels wrong.  But today, it just feels right   Because..

  1. It has been raining and is still overcast.  A cozy day.
  2. Its a day off from school, so I’m supposed to be resting.
  3. I have a pretty bad cold.  Not terrible, but pretty bad.

So today I am going to rest and do nothing.  And by “nothing” I mean read, watch TV, draw, look at Pinterest, maybe even start knitting something.  Anything that requires sitting and not putting forth too much effort.

Sounds marvelous doesn’t it?

Something else that is marvelous is my current Desktop picture.


It was taken on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, when Ryan and I were there in August. The majestic Cuillin Hills. I try to “x” out of all my windows when I finish using my computer, so that the next time I sit down in front of it, its like “BAM.” Beauty. That’s what it was like a few minutes ago, when I sat down to write this blog post. BAM.

That little path on the bottom of the picture led us to the fairy pools, which is a beautiful series of waterfalls.
Man, I feel so blessed that we got to go there. On the Isle of Skye, you half expect to bump into a hobbit or centaur or some other magical creature.  It a majestic, magical landscape.

This book just came in the mail.

I ordered it when we got back from our trip, but it just got to me a couple of days ago. Maybe that will be part of the “nothing” I do today–start that book.

Man, I have a lot of nothing to do, better get on it.


Scotland Rundown

Back at Heathrow airport, waiting for a plane that will take us back to Dallas. It was such a good trip, we had a great time, but it will also be nice to be home. It’s good to have balances in life like that–it’s nice to leave and nice to get back.

Another good balance we had in our trip was the city to countryside ratio. Our first couple nights were spent in Glasgow. We had a fun time being shown around by Will and Bailey.



Then Ryan and I took a train to the beautiful and enchanting Isle of Skye and explored around there a couple of days.



Then back to Glasgow for one more night with Will and Bailey, plus some amazing Indian food.

That above picture is on the Subway. Ryan is hidden behind his massive backpack.

It was a really fun trip and a great visit with Will and Bailey. Soon I’ll put up tons more pictures in a Facebook album, so get excited.

Pretty soon it’s back to the real world… But that world is good as well.


People watching is at its best at airports, especially at Heathrow in London. Not just people watching, but also people listening. Some many different accents and languages all around.

Ryan and I are here, waiting for a flight to Glasgow. We just got off of an overnight flight from Dallas.

I actually was able to sleep some, which is a big deal for me. Hopefully that means I won’t be too jet lagged.

I doodled some on the plane. Not finished.

Watched movies and was in and out of sleep. I feel gross and smelly, but excited.


I said I would post everyday this week and I already don’t know what to post. Ahh! And it’s only Monday ….

So let’s talk about how Ryan and I are going to Scotland on Thursday. For part of our time there we are going to be camping on the Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye Photos
This photo of Isle of Skye is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Isle of Skye Photos
This photo of Isle of Skye is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Can you believe it?! Me niether. And I’m pumped to see my brother and sis-in-law

That’s us FaceTime-ing with them recently (we are itty bitty on the bottom left).

And then I come back and hit the ground running with preparing for a new school year ….

And then here is a Moose

By an artist who calls themselves DoGooder.


The end.  We shall see if I have anything better for you tomorrow.

Water Bottle

I was feeling under the weather yesterday and had no voice by the end of the school day, so I had sub take over for me today. I think it worked–I feel much better and have my voice back.

And then I drew my favorite water bottle.


I bought it on our recent trip to Oregon, hence the Oregon-shaped sticker.

And this is where we bought it, along with Ryan’s and Josh’s and Anna’s –who we were visiting.


A nice family.

Now that I’ve drawn my water bottle I feel like I know it so much better.

Some things that happened recently.

This is old news to some of you, but still a big deal to me…

I chopped it off! I mailed that ponytail to Locks of Love. Reduce reuse recycle!

I also took a lovely trip to New Orleans since we last spoke. Saw the sights and caught up with some dear friends. I also learned my iPhone does not take good pictures at night time. So all of my pictures from the wedding are pretty poor, but here I am with some of those dear friends.

Wow, I was pretty tall that night. See what I mean about poor quality? Of the picture I mean, the people in it are wonderful though. The wedding was in a really interesting and awesome old mansion. Here is the bride and groom in their after-wedding attire. (I did not take this picture, it’s a sneak peak of the pictures taken by their wedding photographer, Kate Leverenz.)

And of course the one dearest to my heart, who drove us the whole way there and back (because I’m not too keen on driving standard).


So things have been pretty good since we last spoke. Except for the time when a first grader asked me if I was a boy or girl. At the time I was still deciding if I liked my haircut or not, and so I kind of took it to heart. I’m over it now though. I think.


Back from NM

Yes, we made it back from Angelfire in once piece!

Such a fun trip. Aside from the fact that we had no hot water all weekend. So, aside from the cold showers (which, for me, was more of a sponge bath), the trip was fabulous — skiing, snowshoeing, Settlers of Catan, Pente, movies, pizza, chili, brownies, beer, hot tea, and cold sponge baths. That about sums it up.

On the way home I achieved something great. I finished reading The Brothers Karamazov. And I actually enjoyed it! I feel so cultured. Here is the little review I posted onto GoodReads, which is yet another social-networky-type-site. The purpose of this one is to keep track of what you are reading, what you want to read, what you have read, and what your friends are reading. That last part only works if I have friends, so go ahead and join if you enjoy documenting what you read and look me up.. I enjoy documenting everything.

The Brothers KaramazovThe Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“‘But in some cases it is really more credible to be carried away by an emotion, however unreasonable, which springs from a great love, than to be unmoved. And this is even truer in youth, for a young man who is always sensible is to be suspected and is of little worth-that’s my opinion!'”

When I started this I wasn’t sure that I would be able to finish it. It’s a book we’ve had on our bookshelf for awhile that has barely been opened. Well, I did finish it and felt very fulfilled after doing so. The characters are all slightly crazy, but I was sympathetic with them all. I think I most enjoyed the little biography of Father Zossima in Book Six. That’s where I have the most underlining . .

“Remember particularly that you cannot be a judge of any one. For no one can judge a criminal, until he recognizes that he is just such a criminal as the man standing before him, and that he perhaps is more than all men to blame for that crime. When he understands that, he will be able to judge.”

“It’s the great mystery of human life that old grief passes gradually into quiet tender joy.”

“Love a man even in his sin, for that is the semblance of Divine Love and is the highest love on earth.”

I should read this book again someday. I’m sure there are layers of meaning that I didn’t catch the first time.

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An Adventure

I have some potentially yummy banana oat bars in the oven right now. I am excited about their potential. The recipe I found on this blog (a fellow Village person) is super-de-duper easy. My plan is — if we like this first batch — to make a whole bunch more to take on our upcoming road trip.

That’s right, we are heading back to New Mexico to go skiing. Our ski trip last year pretty much changed the course of our life. Okay, I am probably exaggerating, but it definitely changed the course of that semester. Ryan broke his leg — into nine pieces. Now he is a bionic man and has some lovely scars. And this week we are going back to conquer the mountain that conquered Ryan last year.

We are really excited actually, and not scared. I mean, what are the chances of something like that happening two years in a row, right? This year will also be different in that we are bringing some family along: Ryan’s brother and sister and our dog Akon. All five of us will pile into our Subaru and embark upon a snowy, fun filled adventure very soon.

So I’m excited about my banana oat bars. Hoorah to easy, homemade, healthy snacking! And to adventures — of the snowy and the baking variety.


Here are some things I promised you yesterday. First of all, this is our new TV set up, that took us most of Monday to complete.

So nice. Our previous TV we got for free from some nice friends when we were first married. The power button had fallen off sometime in its previous life, so we had to turn it on by putting our pinky in a little hole where the button once was. Our previous TV stand we got off the side of the road. It all worked just fine, but this is definitely an upgrade.

Secondly, I promised to show you my day four drawing. . For my favorite place I decided to draw from a picture I took in July when Ryan and I traveled to Colorado for a wedding. We visited the Grand Lake area which was absolutely gorgeous. We love Colorado. I don’t know if this is my absolutely favorite place, but it’s definitely up there.

I decided just to stick with pencil for this drawing, and instead of trying to get all the little detail and make it look all perfect, I just focused on capturing the lights and darks. Otherwise I would get too overwhelmed. So it’s definitely just a loose sketch.

And without further ado . . .

The mountain in the background is called Mount Baldy, which I think is fun. That is why this post is titled “Baldy”. I bet you were wondering!


Dug this mug out of my cabinet this morning

It’s one of my faves. I bought in on a weekend trip to Vienna, Austria while I was studying in Italy. I bought it intending to give it to someone as a souvenir but ended up keeping it for myself.

And here are Melissa and I in Vienna, winter 2007.

It was a winter wonderland there, and very freezing. Definitely no kangaroos.

I have a lot fun memories in my life and been to some cool places, but I still wouldn’t rather be anywhere but here.