A few months ago, some of our good friends visited. They have two precious babes, and one of them–who is about 2 1/2 I think– occupied himself by drawing for a few minutes. At the time, I had just gotten into Zentangle, and so I saved the drawings, thinking they would be great starting points for a zentangle piece. First I worked on this one.
IMG_1791 - Version 2
Which I recently completed.
I call it “Collaboration.” And I’ve started working on the second one.

Meanwhile, my students and I are getting excited about fall. 1st graders are drawing and painting pumpkins, mixing red and yellow to make orange.

Next week they are going to cut out the pumpkins and leaves and glue them to a black paper and draw stars. Night time pumpkins. Got the idea from Deep Space Sparkle.

4th graders are making some beautiful moonlit pumpkins, learning about making tints and shades (making a color lighter or darker depending on the light). I forgot to take pictures, but can share some next week. Kinders are making fall trees and finger-painting the leaves. Again, forgot to take pictures.

I feel like I share more 1st grade projects than anything else. I guess I really like 1st grade.

And I like my job.

I'm thinking/hoping that by "live" she meant "leave"...

I’m thinking/hoping that by “live” she meant “leave”…



First, here is the cutest frog ever. Perhaps you have already seen this, but if you haven’t, now’s your chance…

It’s the Desert Rain Frog, found in South Africa. Akon got really excited when we were watching this video. He likes all things squeaky.

He also likes to cuddle with our feet.

He also likes to cuddle with our feet.

I was commissioned by my cousin to make a drawing for her sweet son’s pirate-themed bedroom.  Here is the finished piece.

I’m pleased with out it turned out. When people ask me to draw things for them, it gets me out of what I would normally draw and stretches me. She will get the original, but it’s available in my store if you like it too.

Fall Time!

We went by Whole Foods today and I was so excited because there were pumpkins surrounding the entrance.  I decided to buy one and figure what to do with it later when I got back home.  I don’t want to carve it, but do something decorative (paint or buttons or ribbon or something).  I was researching on Pinterest and Google, trying to find the perfect idea.  Perfect would mean I already owned all the supplies, it wouldn’t take very long, and it would be super cute.

Well, I got side-tracked and ending up finding another fall craft, that met all the above requirements, except that it didn’t involve a real pumpkin (the main ingredient).  But I dove in anyway.

I got the idea from this blog.  But then made it way easier by using a hot glue gun rather than a sewing machine and scrapbook paper rather than fabric.

And voila!


And here is a work in progress photo. You can see the neglected actual pumpkin in the background.

In other news I’ve been watching a lot of New Girl this weekend (it was playing on the iPad in the above photo). I just got into this show. So fun!

Nachos are ready. Gotta go.

Lots of fun things to look at.

I drew another “zendala” doodle..
And I stold a “Lamppost” framed print. Thanks whoever you are!

(AND there is free shipping, worldwide, at my shop through tomorrow, just saying. You have to click this link though to access it.)

My first graders talked about how the primary colors are SUPER because they make all the other colors on the rainbow, so we made primary colored SUPER HEROES.
IMG_2068They loved it. And they loved this song to go along with it.

And I’m working on a pirate ship..

Using micron pens and watercolor pencils.  Watercolor pencils are so fun!  They are like magic. Art magic

This is what happens when I don’t blog in awhile. I have to hit you with a lot of little things at once.

I found the above on Society 6, by artist Bianca Green. I also like this one.

Every day’s a good day when you paint.

This past week I started painting with Kinder-3rd, which of course is always very exciting for them.

A very blurry picture of some 1st graders painting

A very blurry picture of some 1st graders painting

When we paint, we like to watch this Bob Ross remix which the kids absolutely love. We watch it as least twice every class. I think I’ve shared it on here before.

One first grader said, “This song really helps me focus!.” And a second grader,”This is a thing of joy!.” Another second grader, “Why does he keep saying ‘Ibalee’?.” (as in “I believe”).

In closing, happy birthday to my wonderful Daddy!

Taken when I was 17, at the Spanish Steps in Rome.

No Worries

It about time for a now post! (I meant to say new post, but I think “a now post” might work for me too)

I got this fun book recently with lots of great ideas.

And then drew this.


(And of course it is available at my shop).

I’m working on another one also, but things are moving much more slowly now that school has started. It is going great so far by the way.
It’s so great to be in my 2nd year and not my 1st anymore! There are still good days and bad days–but I am sleeping much better than I did this time last year!

New Things

I have three new prints available in my shop. Two are drawings done while traveling around/from the U.K.



The third was drawn before we left. It is inspired by that music video I posted a few posts back by Paper Bird. I’ll repost the video below, in case you missed it or just want to watch it again.


Ever since I opened my shop I’ve been forced to learn more about how to capture high resolution, good-looking images of my drawings. That’s been good for me. When I used to post pictures of my drawings they would look more like this.
Now they look more like this.

And a special thank you to my first customers! You know who you are. Thank you for always being so encouraging!

Also, if you ever see something in the shop that you would like to be made available as something else (a tshirt, pillow, notecard, etc) just let me know and I can make it happen.

Scotland Rundown

Back at Heathrow airport, waiting for a plane that will take us back to Dallas. It was such a good trip, we had a great time, but it will also be nice to be home. It’s good to have balances in life like that–it’s nice to leave and nice to get back.

Another good balance we had in our trip was the city to countryside ratio. Our first couple nights were spent in Glasgow. We had a fun time being shown around by Will and Bailey.



Then Ryan and I took a train to the beautiful and enchanting Isle of Skye and explored around there a couple of days.



Then back to Glasgow for one more night with Will and Bailey, plus some amazing Indian food.

That above picture is on the Subway. Ryan is hidden behind his massive backpack.

It was a really fun trip and a great visit with Will and Bailey. Soon I’ll put up tons more pictures in a Facebook album, so get excited.

Pretty soon it’s back to the real world… But that world is good as well.


People watching is at its best at airports, especially at Heathrow in London. Not just people watching, but also people listening. Some many different accents and languages all around.

Ryan and I are here, waiting for a flight to Glasgow. We just got off of an overnight flight from Dallas.

I actually was able to sleep some, which is a big deal for me. Hopefully that means I won’t be too jet lagged.

I doodled some on the plane. Not finished.

Watched movies and was in and out of sleep. I feel gross and smelly, but excited.


I’ve been very active on facebook/instagram/bloging lately.  That makes me feel a little insecure, because I worry people will notice and think I’m super into myself and just need to be quiet and get a life.  But if they are noticing I’m being more social-media-y, that’s just because they are too.  So get off your high horse!


This just in!  There is free, worldwide shipping on all the products in my store if you follow this link –> Promotion!  So if you’ve been thinking about ordering something, now’s the time to do it!  Even cooler–the promotion ends on my birthday, which is this Sunday–August 11 (yep, I’ll be in Scotland then).    No, this is not my idea.  I just logged into Society 6 and they informed me I could offer this promotion.  Did they know Sunday is my birthday?  Did I tell them?  I don’t know.  Let’s not question it.

An example of one of the cool things you could order– feather iPad case.


And then browsing Society 6 I found these two things that are kinda funny. (Click on the images to take you to the product page, if you’re interested)

P{ee}ink in Space

When You Gotta Go


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